For Love's Sake Only
way he liked it.
    Moaning, she cried out, “God, yes. Fuck me harder. Fuck ... me.”
    “Harder, sweet baby? Is this what you want?” He panted, speeding up his rhythm per her request.
    Charlotte’s guttural moans of appreciation were all he needed to hear to know she was right there with him. Gripping his fingers into the light brown globes of her ass, he looked down and watched as his pale shaft disappeared into her dark sex. The difference in their skin color provided the perfect contrast to highlight his cock driving in and out of her.
    “Mine. Mine. Mine.” His brain parroted over and over in his head, beating the words like a drum into his mind.
    58 Lena Matthews
    Pushing harder into her he quickened the pace, until he could no longer tell if he was coming or going. Charlotte had given up on all pretense of decorum and was crying his name with every thrust.
    Raising his hand, he brought it down sharply against the curve of her bottom, sending Charlotte screaming over the edge. She came in a loud, orgasmic rush moments ahead of Ty, who rode her until their knees buckled.
    Catching himself with his hands on the hay, Ty leaned forward and laid his head on her damp, quaking back as the aftershocks rocked through them. He could feel her lissome body quivering underneath him, and it made him want to gather her up and place her on the tallest shelf, to keep her safe from all harm.
    This was his woman -- his woman -- and what they had was too good to give up. It wasn’t just sex. Sex he could get anywhere at any time. It was something more. Charlotte aroused his mind and his heart, as well as his cock, and she wasn’t something he was willing to do without.
    Distance be damned. Ty wasn’t going to let Charlotte mosey her way out of his life, no matter what.
    Spurs & Mistletoe: For Love’s Sake Only

Chapter Six
    Despite every single one of her misgivings and doubts, somehow Charlotte and Ty were making it work. With the right motivation, the three-hour drive seemed to take mere minutes, especially when she knew Ty was waiting for her back at the ranch. Charlotte did most of the commuting, but she didn’t mind. The mileage was worth it to be back in his arms.
    But today, today he was coming to her turf, and Charlotte had to admit she was a bit nervous. On the ranch they could pretend like the world didn’t exist, but here in Los Angeles they wouldn’t have such a luxury. It wasn’t the city she was worried about, so much as his reaction to her life.
    Things in Charlotte’s part of the world worked a bit differently than they did in Santa Estrella. Her work and life was an important part of her, or it used to be, and she wanted Ty to see it firsthand. Maybe then he would understand why she still kept coming back.
    Although Charlotte had to admit, even to herself, that it was becoming increasingly difficult to find a reason to come back home. So much so that Charlotte was at the point where she didn’t even understand why she was fighting her feelings for Ty any longer.
    60 Lena Matthews
    “He’ll get here when he gets here,” Tamara teased slipping out onto the balcony, where Charlotte had snuck out from the office party for a few minutes of peace and quiet. “Geez Louise, woman, get off the man’s jock. You act like you haven’t seen him in years.” The cool night air drifted over her bare shoulders, causing her to shiver a bit. California was a warm state, but even here it got cold in December, especially in an after-five party dress, a dress that Charlotte had bought specifically with Ty in mind.
    The black, knee-length, strapless dress was as simple to take off as it was to put on, and that was something she thought Ty would really appreciate. Rubbing her arms, she turned to her friend and smiled. “Five days can be a very, very long time.” Snorting, Tamara’s lovely face showed her disbelief. As Charlotte’s unofficial back-up date, she was decked out in her evening finery as well, her

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