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Authors: Matt Coolomon
Tags: Erótica, Literature & Fiction, BDSM
firm little butts.
    Well Tod had a firm butt anyway - Paulo's was a bit flabby but he was every bit as strong, if not stronger.
    Catherine found herself swooning a little as she sat there in the shade watching two male animals duelling while one of them had already mounted her and the other one was going to mount and service her as well as soon as they got back to the house. She was the chosen female and it was already wet and gooey between her legs where one of them had taken his pleasure.
    She was also experiencing a strong urge to ensure they were both kept satisfied in that way. For the time being she was the only female around and if she allowed them to have sex with her whenever they desired a release there would be no need for them to go looking! As long as it was only the two of them, or possibly three if the other boy came back.
    Catherine felt as though she was woman enough to keep them satisfied and they didn't seem to mind sharing her. Plus it was only until the end of the week and she was free to have some fun!
    The boys tired of their wresting and decided it was time to go back to the house. They helped her down from some of the larger rocks along the trail and made her feel even more desired and feminine.
    As soon as they got back Paulo took her into the bedroom and led her over to the mattress. "Do you want to lie back on the pillow?" he asked her, and she did that, lying down with her legs bent up and her knees together. He then took off his shirt to reveal his chubby white torso, and when he pulled down his pants his cock was hanging between his legs. It was quite long already and lengthened even more as it flexed.
    It was actually quite slender Catherine noticed as he knelt on the mattress. It had firmed up and was sticking straight out but it had an upward curve and the head was quite narrow and tapered almost to a point.
    He lifted Catherine's top and took it off her then he reached beneath and pulled her panties down and off as well. He left her skirt on but lifted it up over her belly then he laid down on top of her working her legs open with his thighs. He held his cock in his hand and worked the head into her gooey pussy then he laid all the way down on top of her and pressed forward inserting it deep inside of her.
    "Ahhh..hhh" Catherine uttered immediately, but she spread her legs wide for him as she closed her eyes. "Ooohh that's so huge," she said softly. "It goes all the way into my belly."
    "Are you sore from last time?" he asked with concern.
    "No. I'm fine."
    "You can use your hand to hold me if you don't want it so deep. Another girl did that once."
    "How?" Catherine asked curiously.
    "Just reach down between us and put your hand around it. It actually feels great for me."
    She reached her arm down under his belly and closed her hand around his cock. It was wet and slippery and it slid through and only about half way into her. "Like that?" she asked shyly.
    "Yeah, like that," he grinned and he kept fucking her that way. She released a few fingers after a bit though and allowed him to go deeper, and as her orgasm built she released him completely and started grinding against him.
    "Owww," she cried but she smiled when he looked at her. Then her eyes rolled back as his cock really hit the spot deep inside of her. "Yeah, like that," she uttered and she clung to him and mashed her split open pussy against the base of his shaft. She rubbed and rubbed it against him while his cock probed and ravaged her deep inside. Then she bit into his shoulder as her orgasm exploded and thumped through her belly.
    She kept her legs spread wide and ground against him until the convulsions subsided then she reached down and held his cock again. "Do you want to cum now?" she whispered.
    "Yeah, I do."
    "Do you want me to do this?"
    "Yeah - hold it nice and firm and just keep still," he said. "Let me fuck your hand and cream you like he did."
    Catherine giggled. "Okay - cream me."
    She held his cock in place and they

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