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Book: Sweet Catherine Breezes By by Matt Coolomon Read Free Book Online
Authors: Matt Coolomon
Tags: Erótica, Literature & Fiction, BDSM
and tore at his shorts and fed his cock in through the side of her panties and up inside of her.
    Catherine just held to the rock while she was being fucked again. He pumped her hard and fast, ramming into her over and over and then he jammed his dick up her and blew his load.
    "Awe fuck yeah!" he cried.
    "I can feel that again," Catherine uttered, peering back at him. She could feel him throbbing and his semen squirting just inside her pussy lips. He was that short in length and she was at an awkward angle for him. She reached beneath and felt the head of his cock still inside of her but it slipped out and warm cum flooded out with it and gushed down her leg. He was grinning and she smiled back at him as she smoothed the crotch of her panties into place. "I'm definitely all gooey again now!"
    His cum was running down to her knee and she looked down at it, holding her skirt up a bit. "Wipe it with your dress," he chuckled. "You made me do it so you have to clean it up too."
    She dabbed at the trickle with her skirt. "I made you do it? You virtually raped me that time!"
    "Who raped you?" Paulo asked as he jumped down from above.
    "He did!" Catherine accused, giggling.
    "Yeah - creamed her again," Tod chuckled. "When are you going to fuck her?"
    "When we get back to the house," Paulo declared. "Do you still want to have a look at the swimming hole first? It's just up there," he said to Catherine.
    "Okay," she said, blushing at the offhand way he had declared he was going to have sex with her. It seemed she was going to be serviced whenever they felt like it, or possibly even raped if she protested. Although she had decided on walking out the door that morning that she was going to let them have her whenever they wanted. She only hoped there wasn't going to be any others - that they weren't planning to invite a bunch of other island boys to have sex with her as well. Though she had actually dreamt of being passed around a barroom full of drunken old fishermen last night.
    The trail ended at a clear little pool of water completely in the shade. The boys were throwing stones and she sat on a rock watching them for a while and she scooped some water to wash the inside of her thigh where it was sticky from Tod's cum.
    Paulo snuck up behind her when she was doing that and he groped her breasts. He massaged them firmly and she pushed her chest forward against his hands. Then he tweaked her nipples again. He pinched them and twisted and she buried her face into his neck and - "Ouch," she cried but he then pulled her top up and leant right over her shoulder and sucked on one of them. He suckled it and soothed it with his tongue then quickly moved to the other one and suckled it as well.
    Catherine sat there watching Tod, who was standing there staring at what Paulo was doing. "Fuck these are perfect aren't they?" Paulo grinned up at him. "Look how hard her nipples are," he went on excitedly and he used a finger on each and flickered over them, tickling them and jiggling her breasts.
    Then Tod scooped a handful of water and threw it at Paulo, wetting him and Catherine as well. Then Paulo ran after him and tackled him onto the grass where they rumbled each other like a couple of school boys.
    Catherine pulled her top back down but her nipples were again like bullets poking at it and she noticed she could actually see their dark texture through the white fabric. She wondered what her father would say if he saw her dressed like that and she smiled to herself at the thought, although there was no way in the world she would be parading around like that at home. She had deliberately gone braless hoping they guys would pay attention though and that seemed to be working out so far.
    She sat there happily watching them wrestle. They were quite rough, doing headlocks and hip throwing each other to the ground. She liked how powerful they both were with the muscles in their arms and thighs straining and flexing, and their rippling shoulders and

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