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Authors: Matt Coolomon
Tags: Erótica, Literature & Fiction, BDSM
both watched him fuck her hand. He was doing it with long strokes with the head of his cock searing back through her fingers then spearing about four or five inches inside of her. He worked up a steady rhythm and fast pace, sweating and gasping as he neared ejaculation.
    "Are you ready for my cum?" he smiled. "It's close now."
    "I'm ready," Catherine uttered, staring fascinated down at her hand and his cock sliding through it.
    "Yeah, here it is," he gasped and he bucked hard against her fist. "Ooohh yeah," he cried, jiggling and squirming.
    Catherine could feel his cock throbbing in her hand and she could feel the jets of semen spraying the inner walls of her pussy in time with each throb. It went on with five or six strong bursts then the underside of his cock kept pulsing as more of his cum gushed into her.
    "Mmmm it feels good unloading all that," he smiled with the sweat dripping from his chin down onto his belly. "Nice of you to let us fuck you like this. You've got such a tight little cunny," he added meeting her eyes.
    Catherine blushed deeply at the crudity of what he said. "I like letting you cum in me," she uttered. "It serves my boyfriend right for cheating on me."
    He smiled. "Squeeze my balls. Make sure it's all in you," he said, and Catherine reached beneath him again and felt them. She cupped them in her hand and squeezed gently.
    He was still smiling at her. "Are they empty now?"
    They were hot and felt heavy to her as she continued softly fondling them. She just smiled back at him.
    "That's it - make sure all that creamy cum is squeezed out of them," he went on lewdly. "You don't mind walking around with it in you, do you?"
    "I like you both knowing it's in me," Catherine uttered as she blushed a little deeper. "I like the thought of walking around afterwards and you looking at me and feeling proud of yourself - knowing that you've done me - that you've been between my legs and inside of me.
    “I like watching a guy across the room or somewhere, knowing that he's fucked me - feeling all wet from his cum while he's laughing and joking around with someone else - seeing him so happy and satisfied."
    He pinched her nipples and twisted them again and she squirmed down further onto his cock. "So that used to be your boyfriend, but he fucked up eh?"
    "Yes - and now it's you and Tod who get to look at me afterwards," she teased. "Do you like the thought of that?"
    "Fuck yeah! Especially since you're a cop's daughter. It's going to be awesome watching you go home later knowing you're full of our splooge!
    “You're going to take another load later aren't you?"
    "Uh huh."
    "Do you want to come and play some cards while that one soaks in?"
    "Okay," she uttered obediently. Then he got up and fixed his clothes so she pulled on her panties and top, and she followed him out to the living room in a bit of a daze.
    Tod was lying on the floor with his eyes closed but he sat up. "She creamed up again?" he chuckled.
    "Yeah - she's got both our loads in her now. Haven't you?" Paulo grinned back at her as he took a drink from a bottle of water.
    "Yes," Catherine answered. "I've got both of your loads of cum in me so I hope you're pleased with yourselves!" she added playfully.
    Paulo offered her the bottle. "Yeah - feels good having empty balls, doesn't it, Tod?"
    "Makes me sleepy though," Tod answered with a yawn and he laid back down and closed his eyes.
    Paulo got the cards out and he and Catherine sat on the floor and played a few hands of euchre. He was a nice enough guy and had lots of questions about her life and where she was going to college. His day to day existence seemed pretty simple. He did a bit of work for his father at the fishermen's bar. His father owned it and he did a few shifts a week in the kitchen, but only as many as he needed to. Then when his father was at work serving the bar every night he and Tod usually sat around the house watching videos from his dad's extensive porno collection. His mother had

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