Mated to the Vampire Clan (An Erotica Tale of Force)

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Book: Mated to the Vampire Clan (An Erotica Tale of Force) by Audrey Grace Read Free Book Online
Authors: Audrey Grace
Tags: An Erotica Tale of Force
sculpted, muscled shoulders, a large chest… he would jump out of the forest, arrestingly handsome, rough and rugged. He would take her right there and then, and she might fight back at first, but not for long. She would let him ravage her, envelope her in his animal fervor, propel her to staggering heights of pleasure.
    “If only,” she said between breaths, thinking of Danny. Useless Danny. At least he had a big cock.
    Too bad he didn’t have a big brain.
    * * *
    Fifteen minutes later Maddi came across the turn-off that lead to the house. The lone house on this forest road. The lone bar of reception. The lone woman stranded in the middle of the night.
    A light sweat glistened on her skin, and as she slowed her jog down to walk, her mind once again returned to the sexy stranger whose dwelling place was the forest. It was the only thing she could think of that successfully drove away the terrors that threatened to wreak havoc with her mind.
    She walked up the road slowly, painfully aware of how narrow it was getting. No car would fit up here. Soon, she thought, she might not even be able to keep going. The press of the looming trees seemed to suffocate, and the branches, like bony fingers, seemed poised to reach out and clutch at her.
    “Stop it,” she said to herself, looking straight ahead and not daring to turn her head one way or another.
    And definitely not behind her.
    After a few interminable minutes, Maddi came across the solitary house. There was not a light on in any of the seven front facade windows she counted. “Big house,” she murmured to herself, trying to arrest the sinking feeling she felt within her at the prospect that there might be nobody here, no respite here.
    She followed the snaking path to the door. It mimicked the forest road in miniature, curving this way and that.
    She once again forced herself to think of the rugged and sexy man, the one who lived in the woods. His ass would be tight but generous, and his legs would be long and defined. She became aware, for the first time, that her panties were a little damp. All those sexy thoughts to drive away the demons.
    “It really works,” she whispered to herself, before returning her gaze to the front door and wondering if she should knock. The house was obviously empty. Either that, or everyone was asleep and nobody bothered to clean or dust the place. Spider webs embroidered the outside intricately. Dead leaves lay decaying on the doorstep. The bronze of the door handle was tarnished.
    She decided to venture a knock. She pounded her knuckles hard against the door, and it opened beneath the force, creaking loudly and, she thought, comically as it opened into what seemed an ancient and neglected hallway. The aroma of must, dust and mold assaulted her immediately, and she wrinkled her nose and recoiled a little.
    “It’s better than the car,” she said to herself, not really believing it. “Hello?” she called out, hearing her own voice echo faintly down the hallway.
    “Hello!” she called out again. This time the sound of her voice came bouncing back to reverberate within her bones. She shivered and held the backs of her arms, rubbing them. She wasn’t cold, but there was a chill here, something that felt abnormal. Supernatural, even. She stepped inside and walked down the long and dark hallway, the hairs on her neck saluting the dry and musty air. She took out her mobile phone and saw that here she had two bars of reception. Perhaps she’d give the emotionally impotent boyfriend another call.
    “Hey, yeah, I’m in a house. It was just off the path. No, there’s nobody here, it’s abandoned as far as I can tell. Fuck off, it is. It’s not fucking haunted, why would you even say that? Yes there are spider webs everywhere. No, it’s not fucking haunted! ”
    She ended the call without saying goodbye. What a fucking prick, she thought. She could imagine him grinning into his phone as he had spoken of ghosts and

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