Mated to the Vampire Clan (An Erotica Tale of Force)

Free Mated to the Vampire Clan (An Erotica Tale of Force) by Audrey Grace

Book: Mated to the Vampire Clan (An Erotica Tale of Force) by Audrey Grace Read Free Book Online
Authors: Audrey Grace
Tags: An Erotica Tale of Force
Mated to the Vampire Clan

    “F uck,” Maddi said angrily, her breath fogging into a cloud before her face. She was looking at her flat tire in disgust, wondering why the hell it had to happen here, had to happen now. This was her first flat ever, and she was in the middle of a forest located in the middle of the country.
    “The middle of fucking nowhere,” she spat venomously, pacing up and down the driver’s side of her half-falling-apart daily driver. She looked up the road, her eyes searching the dark, serpentine route for any signs of tree-filtered light. But there were none, and there likely weren’t going to be for the rest of the night. She had locked up at the retreat. She had been the last one to leave. There was not much more beyond.
    “Oh fuck, fuck, fuck,” she whispered, putting her hands to her head, feeling panic start to set in. She couldn’t possibly sleep in the car out here! It was gut-wrenchingly terrifying.
    She took out her mobile phone. One bar. One solitary, lonely, neglected bar. She looked at the outlines of the greyed-out bars and cursed again. Barely any signal, all alone, and it was after eleven. “Great,” she said, roughly punching in her boyfriend’s number.
    The number you have dialed cannot be reached at the moment. Please try again later.
    “No, not now,” she pleaded into her phone, hitting redial.
    Ring ring, ring ring.
    Relief coursed through her veins.
    “Hey, Danny? I’ve got a flat. I don’t know exactly where, but somewhere in the middle of Scenic Road. Yes, the winding one through the forest. Yes, you’ve driven me to work before. Jesus, Danny! What do you mean you can’t come pick me up? What? It’s in the shop? Today, of all days? Call the police? Well—”
    “Fuck,” Maddi said. The single bar had dropped. Her lifeline had vanished. The darkness seemed to descend a little farther. The shadows seemed to dance a little closer. The chill seemed to pierce a little deeper.
    And her boyfriend remained as utterly useless as ever.
    “Okay, okay, think Maddi,” she said to herself, rubbing her hands together. “Sleep in the car? No, can’t do that. Walk along the road? Well let’s see. I’m about half way through. What do I usually pass? Trees, trees, more fucking trees! A house! Yes, there’s a house.” She opened the door and retrieved her bag and set off walking. “It’s probably got a murderer or monster or something living in it,” she said, instantly hating herself for thinking it. Using the dim light cast off her phone’s screen, she walked down the snaking road, barely wide enough for a single car. She estimated in her head that it would be at least another twenty minutes before she reached the house. She desperately hoped someone was home. Someone nice. Someone friendly.
    Maddi’s walk began to quicken, graduating into a slow jog as the fingers of fear started to brush against her mind, tickle her imagination. She paced herself expertly, a veteran runner. Thankfully, her bag wasn’t particularly heavy, and her water bottle was only half full. She could hear the liquid sloshing around, and it helped her sustain a rhythm.
    She made a conscious effort not to look into the trees on either side of the road as she jogged. That way terror lay, and she needed to keep her mind off those crippling thoughts. The flash of red eyes… a claw reaching out to grab her… some horrifyingly distorted and twisted caricature of a man…
    “Shut up!” she said to herself, hitting her head with one of her palms. “Stop it!”
    She tried to think of beaches and sunsets, of her favorite snacks and foods, but to no avail. All she could think about was that there might be something — or many things — lurking in the forest, hiding just beyond her range of vision, moving with her without making a sound.
    Fine, she thought. If she was going to think about something in the forest, she may as well think of something good. A sexy man-creature perhaps. Wondrously

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