Mated to the Vampire Clan (An Erotica Tale of Force)

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Book: Mated to the Vampire Clan (An Erotica Tale of Force) by Audrey Grace Read Free Book Online
Authors: Audrey Grace
Tags: An Erotica Tale of Force
poltergeists and witches and werewolves and vampires and monsters… what the fuck was wrong with him? Didn’t he care ?
    She spotted a sofa, large, a sheet draped over it like it was going out trick-or-treating. She slid the sheet off gingerly, aware of the centimeters of dust that had settled on top of it. Beneath was a large and grand sofa, maroon in color and, for the most part, clean. She sank into it, exhaling mightily as she did so, feeling her pulse slow and the exhaustion of stress wash over her.
    She thought once again of the man-beast in the woods. The naked, muscle-bound man-beast. Slowly, her eyes grew heavier and heavier. She fought down yawns but to no avail. Despite her own protesting cognitions, she fell into a deep sleep, and entered a dreamland of turbulent and disturbing imagery.
    * * *
    Maddi was in the woods. The trees loomed over her menacingly. They were curled and gnarled and rotting. Their twitching, twig fingers reached out to ensnare her and she was caught in their grasp, unable to snap the spindly fingers that wrapped around her body. An eye opened in the bark of the tree that held her, and a large, white mouth parted.
    It was going to eat her.
    From nowhere, the man-beast appeared. He leapt twenty feet into the air, wielding an axe and a sword, and sliced through the trunk of the wicked tree. The scenery melted, and she was on a rolling hill. It undulated beneath her like the soft waves on the surface of a deep sea. He was holding her. She was in his arms. He bent down to kiss her. Their lips locked, a passionate embrace.
    He was fucking her. Sliding in and out of her.
    He was transforming.
    His face was changing.
    He was becoming a monster.
    * * *
    Maddi screamed herself awake, her eyes springing open and her head on a swivel, turning violently from side to side. The room was so dark. She could not see anything. It was like a shroud of darkness had descended upon her, blinding her.
    “Who’s there,” she cried out, sensing a presence. No, she thought. It was just a nightmare. Just a nightmare. Just a nightmare.
    She looked toward the hallway. What was that? Something shadowy, something large, lurking in the darkness. “I said who’s there?!” she yelled, her voice shaking and the tendrils of terror and panic starting to creep into her consciousness. The shadow stepped forward, and as a soft light that seemed to originate from nowhere bathed him, she saw it was a man. A large, muscle-bound man. He was completely nude, and she looked him up his body. Powerful legs, thick thighs… a penis outlandishly large. Abdominals, pecs, wide shoulders, a strong jaw, a high nose… and dead eyes.
    “Madeline,” the man said, his voice a hoarse and rumbling whisper. The windows shook. Maddi’s bones rattled.
    “How do you know my name?” she asked, two tears squeezing out from either eye.
    “We know lots about you,” the man said, his voice imbued with a kind of cold curiosity.
    “Who is ‘we’?”
    “Us,” he said, hissing it. She saw a pale pink tongue slip out from beneath his lips to lick them, coating them in a glistening sheen. In the time it took for Maddi to blink once, he was upon her, one hand at her throat, the other grasping for her crotch beneath her skit. Maddi let out a howl of horror, but one look into the black eyes of the strange man before her silenced her instantly.
    “Wh-what are you doing?” she asked, panic-stricken.
    “We smelled you,” the man said, lowering his head down her body and sniffing at her like an animal. His mouth curled wickedly and from beneath his lips, two gloriously white fangs glinted, like jewels in his mouth. Maddi gasped, and all that she could think of was what her ridiculous boyfriend had said to her on the phone. Vampires. Monsters. Poltergeists.
    “No, no,” Maddi choked out hoarsely. “Please…”
    “Quiet, Madeline,” the man said impatiently. His grip on her throat tightened and she coughed and spluttered. Goose

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