September Storm

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Authors: Brenda Jernigan
    "What's wrong?" Adrian asked softly.  His hand moved up her arm. "You're shaking."
    And you're too close , she wanted to say.  But she didn't really know if the storm or Adrian had produced her quivering.  Thunder rumbled all around them which didn’t help.  Finally she said, "I'm scared."
    Something about Dani’s voice lit a fire in Adrian.  He pushed her wet blond hair away from her face and set loose the sultry scent of coconuts and p ineapple that suited her well. The pupils of Dani’s eyes had grown dark and round. He rubbed his thumb slowly across her cheek. The storm's excitement had entered his soul, uncoiling the primitive desire within him.
    Somewhere the wind howled and an electrical transformer blew. She jumped. He slipped his hand around to the back of Dani's head, pulling her to him, his eyes never leaving hers.  He didn't want her to run.  He didn't want her scared.  He really didn't know what he wanted . . . except this one thing, and he wanted it now.  Brushing her lips in a feather-like touch, he hoped this one kiss would satisfy him.
    It didn't.
    The trees scrubbed the house.  Walls creaked.
    Adrian’s other hand slid down her back until it came to rest on the upper part of her bottom. Still dissatisfaction coiled within him.  He had to feel her next to him so he could savor every contour of her perfect shape.  He needed to finish what they had begun the night before. Tightening his hold, her breasts crushed against his chest, he coaxed her mouth open and lost himself in the sweetness he found.
    Her fingers slid across his nape and into his hair.  He nuzzled her neck. “You smell so good,” Adrian murmured, and realized this was the first time she actually perceived who she was kissing, and it made his blood soar, blocking out all thought of hurricanes or impending danger.  The real danger lay here in his arms.
    He pressed his lips against her mouth and demanded a response from her as lust took over. He teased and tantalized her mouth.  He wanted to hear his name on her lips.  And he wasn't sure why.  She was someone he barely knew.  But definitely someone he wanted to know better.  A part of his mind warned him not to get involved with this woman, but thank God, he wasn't listening.
    Dani knew she had lost her mind.  But Adrian kissed her like she'd never been kissed before.  When he thrust his tongue deep inside her mouth, he made every man she'd ever dated seem like a mere boy.  Adrian was so strong . . . so much a man.  His shattering kiss sent her spiraling off into a place where nothing existed except the man in her arms.
    She should pull away.
    She pressed closer.
    Caution be damned.  This might be the last night I’m alive, Dani thought.
    She clung to Adrian's shoulders.  His hand slid under her crop-top until he held her breast in his palm.  With magical fingers, he seemed to know exactly where to touch.  She squirmed when his knuckles rubbed across her taut nipple, and she made direct contact with his hard arousal.  This time she knew what she was doing.
    But they couldn't do it here.  Not now.
    Adrian dipped his head and kissed her shoulder while he held her.  He wanted to make love to her--slow and leisurely this time.  But the storm intruded, growing worse by the minute.  There wasn't time.  What if they didn't make it through the hurricane?
    No!  He'd never let anything happen to Dani. Damn.  He was letting her get too close, but he had control.  His scattered thoughts considered all the pros and cons of what they were doing. They'd have this weekend, then part company. No harm done.
    Adrian pulled back. “Dani, I’m not the kind of man who wants strings attached.”
    “I don’t believe I asked you for any.”
    “Touché.  But I do want to make love to you, Dani," he whispered against her neck and heard her swift intake of breath.
    "We can't.  We shouldn't.  The storm."
    "Damn the storm!  Nothing we do will stop it from

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