The Dragon Savior of Tone: World of Tone: Book 2
family started the village. We are leaving as soon as we possibly can.”
    “It's that bad here?” Terra asked.
    “Yes, we stayed because we thought it would be possible to get the village back. The bastard who calls himself king brought in too many Defenders. At least that's what he calls them. They are actually killers who have been promised land and wealth to help keep him in power. We realized we could do nothing to stop them, so we plan to leave. We have a friend in the village that will take us to the caves,” Jeno said with anger in his voice.
    “Caves?” Terra said in a questioning tone.
    “The caves are in the walls of the great gorge.”
    “You mean where the water falls from the lake?”
    “Yes, have you seen it?”
    “I have been there,” Terra said.
    “You can't go outside until sun-rising or they will take you,” Jeno said.
    “Why have you come here,” Kinda asked with suspicion in her voice.
    “I wanted to find out about this village. I come from the far north. My village was attacked by men dressed in black. They killed the entire village except for my mother, sister, and me, of course. We were away when it happened. They seemed to come from the village on the other side of the lake. I went there and it's a disgusting place where all seem to fear the leaders. I came here to see if this place is any better. I need to know who I can trust, who can help me in these valleys,” Terra said.
    “You want revenge?”
    “I want to know if there are some good humans in these valleys. Is there anyone that can help me or do I have to deal with things myself?”
    “You are a big man, the biggest I have ever seen. You are not big or strong enough to fight all the men in the two villages. There are good people, most are good. These villages fell into the hands of evil rulers. I think people were searching for protection or just someone to take care of them. They allowed those who told them what they wanted to hear to rule. Too late, they discovered the cost,” Kinda said.
    “Then no one here will help.”
    “You have come to the wrong place for help. We know some who could perhaps assist you. We plan to leave at sun-rising to join them. You are welcome to come with us and we will introduce you to our friends. They will have to decide if they will or can help,” Kinda told him.
    “Perhaps that would be the best thing,” Terra said.
    “By the way, how did you cross the lake and get into the village? There is no bridge over the lake and all the gates of the village are guarded,” Jeno asked.
    “I walked to the edge of the mountains; there I found a difficult, but passable, path around the lake edge. As for this village, I swam around the back. I found that a panel in the wood wall was broken, so I came in.”
    “ You crushed it, ” Fienna laughed in Terra's mind for she was listening through their mental connection.
    “ I know, but they don't need to know how I got in, ” Terra thought to Fienna.
    They allowed Terra to stay in a small room in the back of the cave. He could not sleep. The room was too small and it smelled strange. Hopefully, he would find out at sunrise who he would be dealing with. Perhaps, they would be honest and decent humans.

Chapter 13 - Meeting the Draman
    (The future is sometimes hard to recognize.)
    - The Time of the Draman -
    Rammy decided to go to Southlake first; it was a bit closer. She also knew that Rubbo was going to pick up a couple from Southlake and bring them to the gorge caves. They were the last of the founding families of village and would be a good addition to the guard.
    She got on the runner beast and made her way to the southern cave exit. She rode at a trot so to not tire out her ride. She made a dark sleeping area and rested her beast for part of the sunset. Before sun-rising, she started off so she could be at the meeting location by high sun the next sun-rising.
    Terra and the young couple were waiting when a tapping

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