The Dragon Savior of Tone: World of Tone: Book 2
started at the cave entrance. Kinda opened the panel and there stood a human male a bit shorter than Kinda. He was small, but bulky. He was almost as wide as Terra. He had no hair on his head, but a thick black beard covered his face. When he walked in, he looked up at Terra and backed up a bit.
    “Who the blaze is this?” the man said.
    “I am Terra, a stranger here. Who are you?” Terra said to the little human.
    “I am Rubbo. Why is he here?”
    Kinda told Rubbo the story of the sunset before. She asked Rubbo if Terra could go with them. Rubbo said he could come to the meeting place, beyond that, someone else would decide. They quietly moved down some side paths toward the wall of the village. They entered another small cave. The little human pushed a large piece of odd shaped wood to one side and a hole appeared under it. One at a time, they entered the hole. Terra went last. It was a bit tight for him, but he managed it. They crawled, perhaps two dragon lengths, and came out in a wooded area behind a large boulder. There were three large bags near the exit. They had brought them across a few sun-risings before. Rubbo, Jeno and Kinda each took a bag.
    “We have to hurry, we must be at the meeting by high sun,” Rubbo said as he moved off through the woods.
    Terra could see the path he was following. There were a series of small markings in the wood or on rocks. The couple was completely lost and Kinda was tiring fast. Terra took her bag, which seemed to weigh nothing. They reached a small stream and moved opposite to the water flow. They finally came to an area where the streamed formed a small pool. They had reached the meeting place.
    They waited until slightly past high sun when a male and female arrived. As they walked around the pool, another female showed up on a runner beast. She was a large, powerfully built human female. She had several of the shinny sticks that the ones who killed the villagers tried to use on him. Rubbo went to greet this female and showed great respect for her. Terra had moved into the edge of the woods and sat quietly watching.
    “Rammy, we were not expecting you,” Rubbo said.
    “I wanted to tell you,” she stopped talking when she saw the huge man sitting by the woods.
    “Who is that?” she asked, pointing at Terra.
    Rubbo took some time explaining what had happened. As soon as Rammy heard the story, she knew this must be the man that the youth talked of. She could hardly believe that her search was over before it started. She saw he was dressed in the clothes of the northern planters. They were unique, weaved as a single upper or lower covering with no sewing. It took time and considerable skill to make them. The cloth was sought after, since it was made from nearly indestructible and waterproof fibers. The plants that the fibers came from were water plants that only grew in the far north.
    Rubbo took Rammy to the young couple and introduced them. They then walked to Terra and he stood. Rammy rarely had to look up at a man, but this one was the tallest man she had ever come across. She always thought Rubbo looked like a tree stump, but this man looked like a tree trunk. His hugely powerful legs tied into his thick midsection, his chest flared out to large shoulders and his arms were as big as Rammy's legs. He smiled and gave off an air of calm gentleness, which surprised her. Most people avoided looking directly into others' eyes, but Rammy found that is where you found the spirit of a man. When she looked into this man's eyes, she seemed to be enveloped into a gentle and almost overwhelming power. She felt as if he was in her mind. It was as if he was reading her spirit. She broke eye contact and somehow knew she could trust this stranger.
    “I am Rammy. I understand from Rubbo you need our help.”
    “That depends on what kind of help you can offer.”
    This surprised Rammy, most lone individuals would be glad of any help. “I assume you would like us to help you deal with

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