Murder in the Past Tense (Miss Prentice Cozy Mystery Series Book 3)

Free Murder in the Past Tense (Miss Prentice Cozy Mystery Series Book 3) by E. E. Kennedy

Book: Murder in the Past Tense (Miss Prentice Cozy Mystery Series Book 3) by E. E. Kennedy Read Free Book Online
Authors: E. E. Kennedy
growling. With any luck, I could make this stupid machine yield something. The second time I tried it, my trick worked and the machine yielded two packs of crackers. An expensive snack, but hunger won out.
    “That’s not quite the way I remember it. As I recall, there was a giggly little girl making eyes at me and it was all I could do to peel her off and get back to work.” He sat back down at the table.
    “Oh, really? Trust me, you weren’t all that irresistible. To tell you the truth, I thought you were totally obnoxious.”
    Gil did an exaggerated double-take. “What? I thought of it as dry wit. I was cultivating a world-weary attitude suitable for a globe-trotting journalist.”
    “Is that right?”
    “Yep, but after the globe-trotting that I did experience . . . well, now I’m just glad to stay put.”
    I linked my fingers with his. The bantering mood was broken. Gil had seen action with the Army in the first Gulf War.
    “Was it that bad?”
    He patted my hand and kissed it. “Yes, no, maybe, and all of the above.” He shook himself. “Come on. What else do you remember?”
    Crackers in hand, I turned to go back into the theatre, but as I did, loud arguing came from behind the theatre office door.
    “She what ?” It was Terence’s voice.
    Murmur, murmur.
    “Oh, no, she won’t! She can’t!”
    Murmur, murmur.
    “Go get her! Now !”
    I ducked into the nearby telephone booth a fraction of a second before Chris emerged from the office and headed into the auditorium.
    What’s happening?
    Within sixty seconds he returned through the lobby, pulling a reluctant Janey by the elbow into the office, followed by Pat. The door slammed shut.
    Once again, the voices were muffled. I couldn’t hear. Slowly I moved toward the door.
    “What’re you doing, Amelia Earhart?” somebody asked behind my back.
    I whirled.
    It was Dierdre and Danny, arms around each other.
    “I, um, I just got myself some, um, crackers.” I held the remaining package up as proof. Casually, I headed back towards the door to the auditorium.
    Meandering slowly, I watched them out of the corner of my eye. They moved to the snack machine, where Danny fished change from his pocket and bought Dierdre’s choice without the slightest mechanical problem. She giggled as she accepted it.
    Was I observing the blossoming of a relationship here? He hadn’t danced with me that way and the smouldering looks she gave him left little to the imagination. A familiar sinking feeling of disappointment began again. This summer was developing its own musical score in my mind. The melody floated in my head.
    Why are all the sweetest love songs
    Played for someone else, not me?
    I blinked. Hard. Get a grip, Amelia!
    Shaking off self-pity for more pressing issues, I tossed one more glance down the hall. The sounds from the office were impossible to discern at this distance.
    As I was about to open the auditorium door, Chris Gold emerged from the office, carrying the Mighty Clipboard. He strode past us rapidly, stone-faced, followed quickly by a smug-looking Janey, a frowning Pat, and a scowling Terence, who immediately spotted his sister.
    Gesturing the others to go on without him, he turned and beckoned to her. “Dierdre, come with me. We’ve got to talk.” With a puzzled glance at her brother and a wave at Danny, she obeyed.
    I tried to look casual as I slipped back into the nearby phone booth. Somewhere inside, my conscience was whispering, Aren’t you ashamed? You’re turning into Lily McIndrick. I ignored it and waited until the office door closed. Now the lobby was empty, and I was free to move nearer to listen better.
    Dierdre was not a happy camper. “What? Terence, no, no, no! You promised me that part! Why are you punishing me? Because Danny’s attracted to me?”
    “Come on, Dee! It’s got nothing to do with DiNicco. This is a win-win. The young Duchess part in Marinade is yours. It’s longer, has more songs, and it fits

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