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Authors: S. K. Yule
to keep from exploding when she rubbed against his throbbing cock.
    “I would never regret making love to you, Myka, but I want it to be right for both of us.”
    She sobbed, and he wrapped his arms around her. He stroked her hair as she lay against his chest while lust, love, and anger beat through him. It was unfair. Finding his mate was not supposed to be like this, riddled with danger and uncertainty of the future—if any—they would have together.
    “I promise you, angel. I will make this right. One day we will be together. No matter what it takes, I’ll do it.”
    And at that moment in time, he became resolved about what he might possibly have to do to keep that promise. Kill his own kind. Renewed anger tore at him once again. One thing was for certain. If he found out for sure that Terrance had caused this mess he was in—and he was ninety-nine percent sure now—the rogue was a dead man. He hoped when all hell broke loose the others who were after him would listen to reason and believe him. Because whatever they thought gave them the right to hunt him was wrong. He hadn’t done a damned thing to cause them to call out a manhunt for him.
    He smiled when he heard Myka’s light, even breaths against him. She had fallen asleep. He wanted to sleep like this with her every night from now until the day he died. She was heaven in his arms. A miracle that he’d never thought to find.
    “I love you, angel.”
    She didn’t hear his whispered words, but he didn’t care. He needed to say them to her. One day soon, he hoped she’d say the words back. Until then, he’d relish every second he had with her.
    * * * *
    “He’s damned good at covering his tracks.” Raze sniffed the air.
    Lorent nodded in agreement. “We’ve barely caught a trace of his scent the past six months. By the time we do, he’s long gone.”
    “If what Terrance says is true, we need to get him soon,” Knox said quietly.
    Brent cast a quick glance in Terrance’s direction to make sure he was out of earshot.
    “I’m not sure how much I believe what comes out of his mouth. At first, he was more convincing with his story. Now?” Brent shrugged. “I don’t know. Seems like a lot of the little details have changed over the months of retelling.”
    “I’m with you on that,” Raze agreed. “I spent many years with rogues, and something about Terrance rubs me wrong. He has that restless shiftiness about him. Like he’s hiding something.”
    “I can see that as well, but we have to get Galen and find out once and for all who’s telling the truth,” Knox said.
    “I agree we need to hear his side of it. I’m just not sure at this point how amiable he’s going to be to telling us. We have been chasing him, and he obviously doesn’t want to be caught. He’s no pup. I haven’t come across many ancients that have turned rogue in my life. If we keep pushing, sooner or later he’s going to push back. We can’t afford to lose any more of our kind.” Brent clenched his fists.
    “No. We can’t. But we have to clear this situation up,” Lorent said.
    “I agree. I hope we can do it without bloodshed. When we get Galen’s scent again, we need to make a plan to capture him without anyone getting hurt. We can’t kill him and ask questions later simply on Terrance’s word,” Brent said.
    “Still no paper trails?” Raze asked.
    Brent shook his head. “Nope. We’re watching, but who are we kidding? He’s like us. Any one of us could survive the rest of our lives without money. It might not be a pretty life, but it’s doable.”
    “You guys find something?” Terrance jogged up, then stopped beside the men.
    “No. Not yet,” Knox answered.
    “You need to kill that bastard as soon as we find him. He’s dangerous,” Terrance said.
    Terrance had been gung ho on Galen’s death from the start, which in itself didn’t sit right with Brent. There was more to Terrance’s story, and he was going to find out what that was.

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