At the Spaniard's Pleasure

Free At the Spaniard's Pleasure by Jacqueline Baird

Book: At the Spaniard's Pleasure by Jacqueline Baird Read Free Book Online
Authors: Jacqueline Baird
Crook or not, she turned him on without even trying.
    â€˜To hell with it!’ he swore under his breath. Keeping her out of jail did not mean he had to keep her out of his bed. She had matured into an incredibly sexy, sophisticated lady, and he was acting like an idiot. He was a man who prided himself on his control and anger bubbled beneath the surface of his smooth smile as he gestured with one hand to the adjoining sofa.
    â€˜Take a softer seat. You’ll be more comfortable,’ he offered, and watched as she rose from the aircraft seat, her hands nervously sweeping the smooth fabric of her dress over her hips, and he almost groaned out loud.
    She looked so shy, almost innocent, and that was part of her charm, or her act, he reminded himself cynically, and, unfolding his long length from the sofa, he stepped towards her. ‘But perhaps a guided tour first,’ he suggested, curving his hand over her shoulder. ‘The plane is divided into three compartments—this seating area, a bedroom and restroom.’
    Liza had never seen anything like it. How the other half lives, she thought drily, but it was luxury with a capital L. Soft leather sofas and chairs, an occasional table and thick cream carpet, a bar in one corner, near a door that led to the galley and to the flight deck. Nick had introduced her to the captain and crew when they boarded. At the opposite end towards the rear of the aircraft was a corridor with a couple more doors leading off. She knew people who lived in smaller apartments than this plane; the thought made her smile.
    â€˜It all looks very luxurious and very expensive.’ She lifted sparkling blue eyes to his. ‘It must be great to be so rich you can have your own aircraft.’
    The smile in her eyes took his breath away. But her comment also made him wonder if she was greedy for money. Thief, gold-digger, he didn’t give a damn.
    â€˜It has its compensations.’ Nick’s voice roughened as he turned her into his arms, and did what he had been aching to do since they left the villa. He ran his hands down the shapely length of her supple body, felt her tremble and then crushed her ruthlessly against the hard heat of his own. Using his innate masculine ability to arouse her, he quite deliberately lowered his head and brushed her pouting lips with his.
    She was sweet, so sweet… He tasted her with lips and tongue, savouring her like a connoisseur of fine wine, and then he deepened the kiss until he felt her slender arms wrap around his neck. He lifted his head, the briefest of triumphant smiles curling his hard mouth, and, drawing a deep, rasping breath, he took a chance. ‘Let me show you.’ He didn’t add ‘the bedroom’ he didn’t need to.
    Liza didn’t know what hit her—one minute she was talking to him, and the next she was enfolded in Nick’s arms. The mere touch of him had turned her legs to water, and when he kissed her a surge of heat enveloped her whole body. She clung to him, and when he smiled at her she began to tremble as she gazed at him in mesmerised fascination.
    He was incredibly handsome with the most gorgeous, slumberous, come-to-bed eyes, dark as night and yet with a sensual gleam as gold as the rising sun. He had to be over six feet four, he was the only man she had ever met she really had to look up to. Her mouth ran dry and she felt a sudden heaviness in her breasts as her nipples tightened in helpless response.
    Show her what? The thought crossed her mind but was lost as one long finger traced the outline of her full lips, then moved along her jawline to curve around her ear. She involuntarily swayed into him as his large hand moved swiftly on to the nape of her neck, his long fingers burrowing under the heavy fall of her hair. His hand was smooth but she was intensely aware of the strength in his grip, and for a second she stiffened in apprehension.
    But then he lowered his head once more, and

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