Three-way Tie

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Authors: Sierra Cartwright
Tags: BDSM/ Ménage à Trois
    “Sirs! Yellow! Please, yellow.”
    They backed off, letting her regain her composure before continuing their assault. Having four hands on her, along with Master Rafael’s skilful mouth, drove her mad, to the brink again and again.
    “Please,” she begged. “I need you, Sirs.”
    She was aware of the two men looking at each other.
    Master Eric handed her a condom and told her, “Put it on me.”
    She’d never done that before, but she doubted either man would accept that as an excuse for her to refuse.
    Master Rafael continued relentlessly licking her while she rolled the condom down Master Eric’s turgid cock.
    The reality of what was going to happen nipped at the edges of her sanity. If she weren’t so turned on, she might panic.
    Master Eric adjusted the latex and then lay on his back next to her. “Get on top of me.”
    Meaning Master Rafael was going to be the one to take her up the rear.
    She reluctantly moved. She would have been happy to let Master Rafael eat her pussy all day. Her nerve endings were ignited as she straddled Master Eric. His eyes were darker than she’d ever seen them before. His nostrils flared as she lowered herself onto his cock.
    In this position he filled her completely, taking away her breath.
    “Lean forward a bit and ride me.”
    He grew even harder, and an orgasm began to build in her.
    Then Master Rafael probed at her rear entrance.
    She froze.
    He reached around and fingered her pussy, making her squirm.
    Master Eric held her about the waist and moved her up and down, lending his efforts since fear had paralysed her.
    “Do this for me,” Master Rafael whispered against her ear.
    He licked the side of her neck, then bit her. He laved the little hurt with the tip of his tongue.
    Master Eric continued to lift her up and down, forcing her to take more of Master Rafael’s length.
    Even though she’d worn a plug when they’d had sex last night, it had been nothing like this. She felt as if she were being torn apart. And she didn’t want it to stop.
    “You’ve almost taken all of me,” Master Rafael assured her.
    She wasn’t sure how much more she could endure.
    Master Rafael put his hands on her shoulders and forced her breasts towards Master Eric’s chest. She realised the position would make her a little more accessible for her dark-haired Dom.
    Finally, seconds later, he was all the way in. She yelped.
    “You’re there,” Master Rafael said.
    She felt inexplicably proud. They gave her only moments to accommodate them both before they began moving, thrusting at different speeds. She didn’t know what to expect. She knew she couldn’t control anything so she surrendered to the overwhelming sensations.
    “May I come, Masters?” she remembered to ask.
    “You may.”
    She didn’t know which man answered. Frankly she didn’t care. She was beyond rational thought. All she wanted was satisfaction.
    She arched her back as an orgasm shot through her.
    Master Rafael forced her lower on his cock; Master Eric thrust upwards.
    Both men ejaculated and she screamed.
    “Noisy, isn’t she?” Master Eric asked.
    “If I didn’t like it so much, I’d keep her gagged.”
    Eventually Master Rafael withdrew. Her asshole burned. Her pussy throbbed.
    She felt well used, like a sex toy. The thought, rather than upsetting her, made her grin. Their sex toy.

    * * * *

    The rest of the day passed in a blur of pampering. That, too, was unexpected. The men cooked for her, poured her a glass of wine, encouraged her to soak in Master Rafael’s outdoor hot tub. That was beyond pleasure, gazing at the majestic snow-capped Rockies. A deer walked past, seemingly unconcerned that she was there.
    After she’d come back inside and rinsed off in the shower, she’d thought—hoped—the two men might take her back to bed, or, barring that, beat her.
    Master Rafael explained they wanted her fresh and relaxed. She figured she’d be more likely to achieve subspace if she were delirious

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