What Happens In Vegas... Doesn't Always Stay There

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Authors: Terry Towers
easy. Especially after how we left
    They stood staring into each other’s eyes while pedestrians strolled past them, none of them
    paying much mind to the potential lovers. With each second she waited for him to close the
    distance and meet her lips with his, her anxiety increased.
    When he finally bent and his lips touched hers, she breathed a sigh of relief. But instead of
    being the deep, passionate kiss that she was expecting his lips merely teased hers. He teased just long enough to ignite the fire between her legs, before he ended the kiss and straightened,
    leaving her longing for more.
    Her body screamed out in frustration, remembering vividly and longing to feel him more
    intimately. Closing her eyes she forced the thoughts of his beautiful, naked body from her mind.
    He has it right. Take it slow. No mistakes. If we do start seeing each other we don’t want to blow this by getting too physical too quick.
    “So if I were to stop by the boutique in a day or so and ask you for another dinner?”
    She swiped her tongue along her lower lip, forcing his eyes to follow the travels of her
    tongue. “I’d be disappointed if you didn’t.”
    “Good.” He stepped back and opened her car door for her. “Have a good night, Ginny.”

Chapter 8
    ~ Genevieve ~
    Genevieve couldn’t concentrate. The entire day went by in a blur and now that she was sitting
    home alone, she couldn’t keep her mind from thinking about her “date” with Graham the
    previous day. Admittedly, she was disappointed he hadn’t shown up at the boutique today. Each
    time the door chimed, signalling a customer, her mood would perk up and she look up at the door
    with teenaged excitement. But it was never him.
    Dressed in a pair of jogging pants and sweatshirt, she flicked on the television and began
    surfing the channels, hoping for a show interesting enough to keep her mind occupied. She’d just
    found a semi-interesting reality television show when there was a knock at her door.
    She frowned. How the person at the other side of the door got past the security lock front
    door was beyond her; must have been a neighbour knocking. The only time they came to her
    door was to bitch about something. She didn’t want to deal with a bitching neighbour, but
    considering her television was on and easily heard into the hallway she could hardly pretend not
    to be home.
    On tiptoes she peered out through the peephole and her heart skipped a beat. Graham. A
    smile spread across her lips. Taking a deep breath in she attempted to calm her excitement as she opened the door to greet him.
    “Hey Gra - ” She stopped herself when she noticed the man opposite her didn’t have the scar
    on his jaw. “Wow, Dane. Ummm…” Her eyes lowered to his hands. One carried a four-pack of
    beer and in the other was a brown takeout bag.
    “Hey. Can I come in?” Not waiting for a reply he walked around her and into her tiny one-
    bedroom apartment on Manhattan’s West Side. Walking over to her sofa, he placed the food and
    beer onto the coffee table and made himself at home on her sofa. “I hope you’re hungry.”
    “Ahhh. Yeah. I guess.” She closed the door and spun around to face him, not sure what to do
    or say to him, so she voiced the one question that was nagging on her mind. “What are you doing
    here? Did you guys find out who broke into my store?” She knew that wasn’t why he was there,
    but hoped the store was the reason.
    He grimaced and ran a hand through his blonde hair. “No, I’m sorry. I’m doing all I can, but
    there’s no leads.”
    “Oh.” She hesitantly made her way across the room and sat next to him on the sofa. “Then
    can I ask why you’re here?” Her nose crinkled at him. “And how did you find out where I
    His face flushed as he pulled Chinese food from the paper bag. “I hope you like Chinese.”
    “Yeah. Yeah. It’s fine.” She wasn’t concerned about the food.
    “I sort of grabbed your home

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