What Happens In Vegas... Doesn't Always Stay There

Free What Happens In Vegas... Doesn't Always Stay There by Terry Towers

Book: What Happens In Vegas... Doesn't Always Stay There by Terry Towers Read Free Book Online
Authors: Terry Towers
having too much fun at her
    expense to allow her off the hook.
    “You’re of formidable stature in all ways. Is that good enough for you?”
    Graham leaned back in his chair, but kept her hand in his. “That’ll do. And I’m pleased you
    think so.”
    She growled, her eyes narrowing at him. “You’re so...”
    “Handsome, witty, charming.”
    “I was thinking incorrigible.”
    “So you were the chicken parm,” the petite waitress assigned to their table said as she placed
    her plate in front of Genevieve. The aroma drifted to him; it looked and smelled incredible.
    Graham’s stomach grumbled as his eyes took in the sight of his chicken and ribs.
    The waitress turned to face him, her smile widening and her eyes drinking in the sight of him;
    her flirting while taking their order hadn’t been missed. If he’d been alone he’d have been
    flattered, but with Ginny sitting across from him it only made him uneasy. He feared he was
    walking the line with her right now and desperately wanted to get in her good graces and perhaps
    see her again. He didn’t want anything to jeopardize that.
    ~ Genevieve ~
    “I think the waitress liked you.” Genevieve’s grin was wide as she looked up at Graham,
    while they walked down the sidewalk back to her boutique and their vehicles.
    “What?” Graham let out a dismissive huff. “If she did, I didn’t notice.”
    “Bullshit! How could you not?” She leaned into him, pressing her breasts against his arm as
    she reached across him. “Here’s your ribs, Sir. I really hope you enjoy them, Sir.” She attempted to mimic the voice of the waitress, but failed miserably.
    Graham slipped a hand around her waist and kept her tight to his side as they continued to
    walk. “I never noticed. My attention was completely focused on you.”
    “Oh, now I know you’re a bullshitter.” Mischief danced within her eyes when her gaze lifted to meet his. Instead of pulling away, she kept herself close to him. Over the course of the dinner, she’d begun to realize there could be much more between them than that one-night stand.
    Staying away seemed an exercise in futility.
    “All right. Maybe I noticed.”
    Her eyes narrowed at him, but her smile didn’t fade.
    “But her boobs were right in my face.” He placed the palm of his hand a foot from his face.
    “Right there. How could anyone with a dick not notice that? At least give me kudos for admitting
    “So are you and your brother always like this? Joking and whatnot.”
    She thought she noticed his smile fall, but she blinked and the grin was back. “Not really. If
    you’re into funny guys then I’m much funnier than my brother.”
    “I’m not into funny guys.”
    “Oh, in that case, I’m not funny at all. Barely crack a smile normally, this whole date was a
    They reached her car and stopped walking. She was having a good time with him and sad to
    see it had come to an end so soon. “So this was a date?” She attempted to keep her expression
    blank, but it was hard; it seemed she’d been wearing a goofy smile on her face from the moment
    they’d sat down at the restaurant.
    Graham paused, his eyes searching hers seeking the correct answer. “Well, if it was a date
    then it should be ending with a kiss.”
    The humor within her faded as their eyes locked. They’d spent the past couple of hours
    joking and laughing, keeping the atmosphere light and fun. Would they have the chemistry they
    had in Vegas? There was only one way to find out.
    “I think this could be considered a date.” She stepped into him, closing the distance, but
    keeping far enough away that he’d have to make the final move.
    His blue eyes grew dark as he slipped his arms around her waist and pulled her against him.
    “I’m glad you decided to let me feed you.”
    Genevieve’s hands slid up his chest and fingers locked around the back of his neck. “Thank
    you for coming to see me. I know that may not have been

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