What Happens In Vegas... Doesn't Always Stay There

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Authors: Terry Towers
address from your police report.”
    “Is that legal?”
    He shrugged and turned to face her. “I’m here because after I left your store the other day I
    did some thinking and I feel I owe you an apology. My cold behavior around you yesterday was
    uncalled for. And we should have a discussion about what happened last month.” As he waited
    for her reply he twisted off the cap of a beer and passed it to her.
    After her discussion with Graham the previous day she felt better about what happened. She
    really didn’t have a desire to rehash it, which made her wonder if Graham told Dane about his
    going to see her and their having dinner. She suspected he didn’t. But why?
    She took a long drink from her beer. She hated beer but didn’t want to hurt his feelings and
    she had the feeling she was going to need to have a few in her to deal with the conversation Dane was going to insist on having.
    Would it be rude if I cut him off, told him I didn’t want to talk about it and bid him a good night? she mused. As much as she wanted to do just that, a part of her was glad he’d shown up.
    At least his company would keep her mind from thinking about his brother. Well, sort of.
    He twisted off the cap of the beer he had in his hand and took a long drink, drinking down
    close to half the bottle before placing it back onto the coffee table.
    His eyes locked onto hers and she saw the sincerity in his blue depths. When she gave it some
    consideration she was as much to blame for the night as he was. She’d responded to his
    advances, she welcomed them. And the next day when he’d suggested something she’d never
    even considered before, she was reluctant at first, but by the time her body was sandwiched
    between the striking, muscular bodies of the two brothers she didn’t care anymore – she
    welcomed the feelings. And she doubted she’d ever feel such intense pleasure again that the two
    of them gave her.
    She could see him trying to decide the words to use to begin his apology and she found
    herself softening to him. “Just let me speak first, okay?”
    His brow furrowed at her request, but he nodded.
    “I have just as much to apologize for as you do. I shouldn’t have taken off like I did. I had a
    lot of fun with you at the musical and after…” She felt butterflies begin to flutter in her stomach as memories of him pleasuring her in the shower skirted through her mind. As she looked at him
    she found she was becoming uncomfortably wet. This was bad.
    “I realized that what I had with Alex, especially the sexual aspect, was well below par. A part
    of me was concerned that there was something wrong with me.” She felt her face flush as she
    considered admitting her insecurities, but Dane’s expression was one of concern with not an
    ounce of judgment in his eyes. “You made me realize it wasn’t.”
    Dane chuckled as he caressed her cheek with the back of his hand. “You were amazing.” He
    dropped his hand and lowered his gaze. “But I shouldn’t have shared you, or even suggested it,
    and I’m sorry. It was a stupid and impulsive idea.”
    “No. No.” She placed a hand on his leg, just about his knee. “I enjoyed it. I’ve never felt…”
    She couldn’t finish her sentence. It was her turn to flush and lower her gaze. She snatched her
    hand away from his leg and she felt her face beginning to grow warm. Discussing Vegas wasn’t
    going to do either of them any good.
    He placed a paper plate in front of her and opened a little box. “Sweet and sour chicken?” He
    began to empty half of the carton without waiting for her response. “You left Vegas because of
    me and I regretted that I wasn’t able to spend more time with you. I fucked it up, but after seeing you again, I want to make it right.”
    She focused her attention on the plate of food he’d dished out to her, scooped up some rice
    and popped it into her mouth. Anything to avoid having to comment on his last statement.

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