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Authors: Sky Corgan
face before is now gone, but it's replaced by something else that I can't quite discern. She pushes her chair away to walk me to the door.
    I wrap my hand around the door handle and turn back to her, craving to touch her silky hair. It's down today and curled into ringlets that frame her face. So fucking beautiful.
    “ Enjoy the rest of your evening,” I tell her.
    “ You know, you're right, you did have me deceived.”
    “ That's all behind us now.” I smile.
    “ I thought you were an asshole hellbent on destroying my life...BoxPup.”
    My chest tightens at the reference. That was the secret she was referring to. She had me right where she wanted me all along; I just didn't know it.
    “ How did you know it was me?” I let go of the door handle, keeping my voice still so that she doesn't know she has me rattled.
    “ Does it matter?” She crosses her arms over her chest, giving me a knowing smirk.
    “ I didn't leave any clues behind, so I am kind of curious.”
    “ You left plenty of clues behind.” She rolls her eyes.
    “ Like?”
    “ Why should I tell you?” She lets out a short laugh. “If you don't know how I found out, then you can't fix it, which means it will be hard for you to deceive other women.”
    “ I wasn't deceiving other women.”
    “ Oh, you weren't?” She turns and sashays back to her desk.
    The sway of her hips makes the room feel at least twenty degrees hotter. I can't help but stare at her ass in that skirt.
    “ I was just...” I rake my hand through my hair.
    “ Just what?” She looks at me over her shoulder before turning and leaning back against her desk.
    My mind is blank. If I told her the truth, she wouldn't believe it. There's a different truth, though, one that I need her to know. That I want her.
    With the mystery dispelled, there's no better time to see what would happen. It might be a stupid move. Hell, it might land me in court. But dammit, I can't resist any longer.
    I cross the space between us, a man on a mission. My fingers slip into her silky threads of hair. She lets out the most arousing gasp I've ever heard. Her eyes look at mine with a mix of offense and uncertainty, but she doesn't pull away as I slide my other hand around her waist and draw her to me, feeling the heat of her lips as they press against mine.
    The kiss is hungry and demanding. I hold her captive in my arms as I ravage her mouth. Her tongue laps over mine, and a tiny sigh passes between us. The sound makes me hold her tighter, kiss her deeper.
    Her breasts press hard against my chest, and I can almost swear I feel her nipples beading beneath her blouse. Everything in me wants to pull down the front of it and envelope one of her nipples with my mouth. I would have done it too if I didn't feel her pushing me away.
    When I pull back, she averts her eyes. For the first time ever, she looks submissive and shy. There's a blush spread across her pale cheeks. Seeing that I have such an effect on her makes me want to kiss her again. I cup her face with my hand, running the pad of my thumb across her bottom lip. She reaches up to grab my hand and stop me.
    “ What is this?” When she finally meets my gaze, I see nothing but vulnerability in her expression.
    It's so sexy that I worry I might lose myself to lust. My dick is straining painfully against my trousers, and it's taking every ounce of my resolve not to advance on her again.
    “ It's whatever you want it to be.” I lean in to kiss her, but she turns her face away.
    “ It can't be this.”
    “ What's this?” I nuzzle her face with mine, purring into her ear before nipping the lobe.
    She's backed all the way up against her desk, so there's nowhere to escape to. I tighten my grip around her waist and pull her to me so that she call feel al l of me. All of my desire for her.
    “ I don't do this. I can't do this,” her voice is practically a squeak.
    “ What can't you do?”
    “ I can't have sex with you.”
    Somehow, she manages to roll out

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