A Broken Bond

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Authors: Stacey Kennedy
her nipples in his fingers. As good as this was, his hand yearned to be somewhere else.
    He ran his hands down to her hips and moved them toward her pussy. He swore he could feel the heat from her body as he drew nearer. When he reached her clit, it was scorching hot. The throb she suffered could be felt on his fingertip and that only delighted him.
    “You’re so close, aren’t you?” He swirled his finger, pushed against her clit, and earned a whole body shudder from her.
    “God, yes, don’t stop.” Her breath gasped as her head fell back against his shoulder.
    “I won’t. I never will.” He lowered his head so that her mouth was right by his ear. This was something he wanted to hear, needed to remember. The sound of her climaxing by just his simple touch.
    His other hand closed around her hip to steady her as he felt her wobble slightly. Her legs trembled as he continued to circle her clit. She was close, yet he knew she needed more to bring her over the edge. So, he gripped her hip tighter, gritted his teeth, then went as fast as his hand would allow over her clit. His quick movements had her screaming out and shaking all around him.
    Then, her voice froze. Her muscles tightened and Cash rejoiced in feeling her climax beneath his hand.
    He cupped her warmth while she came down from her release. Her breath whooshed from her mouth as she turned to jelly in his arms. Now, she was ready for him. He was going to draw on the orgasm she’d just had and amplify it.
    Truth was, he couldn’t wait himself.
    His cock was rock hard, pulsating for him to have his own release.
    When her breath returned to normal levels, he released his hand from her pussy and raised it up so it came to her thigh. He grasped her leg and placed it on the second step so her foot was flat on the wood and gave him the access he was looking for. His other hand lifted to her back where he pushed her gently so her hands rested on either side of her foot on the stairs.
    With her in the right position, he brought his hand to his cock to guide it toward her entrance. Knowing she was still new to this, he was gentle when he entered her. Gave her time to accept him.
    He pushed through her silky skin and was elated to feel how wet she was. His cock was drenched in her juices and his groan echoed how marvelous the sensation was.
    “This is my home,” he said in a purr. “Right here is where I belong.”
    Her only response was a shuddering sigh.
    It was the sign he needed as an indicator that she wasn’t in pain and that she was ready for him. Without further hesitation, he gripped her ass in his hands and gave a hard thrust against her. Rylie squealed, her back arched, and Cash grinned.
    Oh, this was going to be fun.
    Leaning down, he placed a kiss on her naked shoulder. A sweet embrace before he showed her just what he was capable of. She sighed as she turned her face toward him. He raised himself up and kept his gaze focused on her expression that looked slightly uncomfortable. “Are you all right?”
    “No, why are you waiting?” Her voice came out full of impatience.
    He wouldn’t make her wait another second.
    His hands, which were presently on her delectable ass, lowered to grip the back of her thighs. Then, he slowly brought himself out of her pussy, every inch of him gripped by her wet flesh.
    With a groan, his fingers dug into her skin as he delivered hard thrusts.
    Skin smacked against skin.
    Sounds of their pleasure roared through the house they would now call home. Her pussy began to pulsate around him. Her inner walls began to clench against him. His movements weren’t as fluid because she wouldn’t allow it. He needed to thrust in hard, use more of his strength to come at her since her body made it more difficult to enter her.
    “I’m going to come,” she shouted unnecessarily. He felt her pussy clamp down on him, freeze with her impending release.
    He was right there with her.
    “Do it then,” he growled. “Give it to

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