The Darkness Within Him: The Untwisted series

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Authors: Alice Raine
murmured. Then, with no warning whatsoever, the hand on my cheek moved to the back of my head, knotted through my hair, and dragged my head toward his lips.
    Off we went, then!
    ‘Don’t punish me,’ I implored in what I hoped was a stern tone before our lips met for a kiss that nearly had my head rolling off my shoulders from its level of passion.
    Gosh, he really was such a good kisser.
    ‘Do as I ask, Rebecca, and I won’t need to punish you,’ he muttered hotly against my mouth, making me shudder with exhilaration.
    Holy shit, this was really happening! My body was awash with emotions: this was so scary and somehow so freaking hot at the same time that I was hugely turned on already and all he had done was kiss me. It was like Nicholas was able to flick a switch inside me that no other man had ever discovered, and regardless of how illicit it might have been, I absolutely loved the feelings he was stirring within me.
    Abruptly tearing his lips from mine, Nicholas now seemed to loom over me and he breathed heavily as he ran his eyes over me. ‘Come with me. I need to get you naked, Rebecca.’
    OK , there was certainly no misunderstanding that statement. Breathing deeply while I had the chance, I took his hand with my trembling fingers and let Nicholas lead me from the music room. He headed across the landing toward a corridor I hadn’t been to before and then through a door into a darkened room. When he flicked a switch next to the door, the room was lit with the soft glow of wall lights and I saw that we were in a huge master bedroom.
    Continuing to suck air into my struggling lungs, I could detect the familiar smell of his aftershave in the air – spicy and musky, possibly with an undertone of pine in it, and a complete turn-on for me. It merely added to my heightened state of arousal.
    My eyes swept around the room. Like the other parts of the house I had seen, the furniture and decor seemed to be expensive and tastefully done. A gigantic four-poster bed sat in the centre of the room; it was made up with pure white sheets but the black wrought iron frame somehow seemed to scream of the illicit things he could do in here. It was just a normal bed but there were so many bars and finials in the frame’s design to tie me to that the possibilities seemed endless …
    Choking on my thoughts, I distracted myself by looking around and noticed all the walls were neutral colours, but the rest of the furniture was a deep wood, so dark it almost looked black. The effect of the white sheets and walls together with the black furniture made the room feel rather oriental somehow, but neutral enough to fit what I had expected of Nicholas’ bedroom.
    As I turned, I found him watching me intently, the look in his hooded eyes one of pure, unadulterated hunger. Hunger for me, I realised, and immediately I flushed again. Why the hell couldn’t I control my cheeks!
    ‘Come here,’ he commanded in a low tone, and I immediately began to wobble my way toward him on jellified legs. Being a confident, independent woman, I really shouldn’t have liked being told what to do like this, but Nicholas’ salacious orders seemed to appeal to some primal part of me and I just couldn’t help but comply.
    I pondered this as I crossed the room because it was an odd sensation for me. I’d always been quite aloof in relationships, happy to be the one setting the boundaries and never particularly bothered when they ended, but with Nicholas I wanted to please him and I wasn’t sure why. Almost laughing out loud, I realised it was probably because I hoped that if he was happy then in return he might use his supreme sexing skills to make me happy too. I’m sure you get my drift.
    Apparently, Nicholas Jackson had managed to bring out my hidden hussy once again.
    ‘I would like to begin by undressing you, Rebecca; I seem to recall we skipped this part last time,’ he commented softly, his tone somehow putting me at ease. Maybe this wouldn’t

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