HH01 - A Humble Heart
focus on anything but her silky dress that seemed to cling to every curve of her body.
    “So, I hear the third book is coming out today,” he said casually.
    He was surprised to see the look of confusion on her face. “What day is it?” she asked him.
    “June twelfth.”
    Her hands went to her face. “Oh no!” she cried.
    Edward was instantly alarmed. His hands went to her arms and gently pulled her closer to him. “Dana, what’s wrong?”
    She dropped her hands from her face. She worried her bottom lip between her teeth. “It’s nothing, don’t worry about it. I
    just forgot about something.” She looked into his eyes and tried to force a smile. “Don’t worry about it.”
    Something was wrong. Granted, he'd only known her for a couple of weeks, but he knew this wasn’t her. It was like the
    life had instantly been sucked out of her. She stepped away from his embrace.
    “I’m all set guys.” The photographer informed them. “Mike, they’re all yours.”
    The reporter stepped forward. “Okay, where’s a good spot to do this interview?”
    “Dana’s trailer,” Edward said. He took her hand without another word and gently tugged her in the direction of her trailer.

“Dana, I hear the third Christian and Bailey book is coming out today. That makes it your sixth book you've had published.
    You must be very excited,” Mike said.
    She nodded. “It’s still very overwhelming.” She tried to smile.
    For the last half hour Edward studied her. This was definitely not her. She ran a hand through her hair and looked at her
    watch every two minutes. She crossed her legs again. He sat back and let his eyes run over her long tanned smooth legs while
    he tried to figure out what was wrong. He wondered if she had a date and decided he didn’t like the idea and moved on to
    something else.
    “Edward, what do you think about writing a book? You’ve been an actor for the last six years. How does it compare?”
    Mike asked.
    He forced himself to look at Mike. “I find myself really enjoying the process. Acting is still my passion, but I can
    definitely see why Dana does what she does. It’s exciting and interesting.” So was she, he thought.
    “Dana, your very first book is being made into a movie, I hear you’re currently writing another book aside from the one
    you’re working on with Edward, you have two small children…how has this affected your personal life? Or you able to have a
    personal life with a busy schedule like that?”
    Dana looked at him nervously.
    “Not to touch on too personal an issue, but I’ve heard from several sources that since your divorce you have kept dating to
    a minimum, why is that?” he pressed.
    Edward turned to watch her as he eagerly waited for her answer. “Well, my life is pretty chaotic at times. I enjoy
    spending my free time with my kids and weekends are completely dedicated to them. I’m a bit of a workaholic I guess you
    could say. I make it a point to write every day no matter what the day holds. Other than that I spend a great deal of time with my
    kids and friends.”
    Mike smirked. “That didn’t answer my question about men.”
    “I guess you could say I’m shell shocked from the whole experience. I would rather wait for the right man then go for the
    right here in front of me guy. I’ve gone out with several men in the last few months. They were nice, but there was nothing
    beyond friendship.”
    “What are you looking for in a man?” Mike asked and Edward had to fight the urge to kiss the man for this.
    She blew out a breath slowly. “Well, I guess I would like a laid back guy, someone who loves kids, funny, smart and kept
    it interesting.”
    Edward gave himself a mental overview. He believed he could meet that description. He hoped. For the past three weeks
    he tried to build up enough nerve to ask her out. That never happened to him before. Usually he asked a woman out the second
    the thought occurred to him, but with Dana he was a

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