Falling for the CEO (Entangled Flaunt)
didn’t want to leave her. Not now. Not ever.
    She nodded, her hair rasping over his temple. He pulled back, propping himself up on his arms to look down into her eyes. The movement had him sliding inside just a fraction more, and Meredith’s lips parted on a soft sigh as he pushed even deeper into her.
    Fuck, she was gorgeous. With her lying beneath him like this, her body flushed pink just the way he’d imagined—no, better than he’d imagined—it already felt like the hottest sex of his life. And he still hadn’t moved yet.
    “Yeah, I’m okay now. It feels so—different. But good.” She smiled up at him. “You feel so good.”
    She spread her legs a bit wider and pushed her hips gently against his to emphasize her words, and Andrew groaned at the feel of her hot, wet channel taking even more of him inside. He couldn’t hold himself still any longer and slid halfway out, fighting himself to go slowly, gently, before thrusting back home with a rough breath.
    The pleasure nearly made his eyes roll back in his head.
    “Yes, Andrew. That—that’s amazing ,” Meredith whispered, and this time he couldn’t manage to be as gentle. His hips pulled back and pumped back in on a deep stroke, wrenching a cry of pleasure from Meredith as her fingers flexed over his ass, pushing him even harder against her body. “More,” she demanded, and before he could protest that he wanted to give her pleasure first, she ground herself against him, working his cock as though she couldn’t get enough.
    “God, Meredith” was all he managed to get out, before it became impossible to think anymore at all, just feel, as he stroked in and out of her, the sound of their coupling growing wetter, faster, louder. She began to meet him each time he sank all the way inside of her, until both of them were panting, moaning on every thrust. She was so swollen around him now, and he could feel his orgasm approaching.
    “Meredith—fuck, I’m so close.” He tried to stop, to pull out so that he could refocus on making her climax, but she wrapped her legs around his waist and pulled him toward her before he could withdraw. He groaned, feeling the tingling sensation starting to zip down his spine, warning him that he was about to come.
    “Please, Andrew. Please come for me. I want it. I want you—”
    She shifted beneath him, her legs tightening and her inner muscles grabbing at his cock and squeezing him almost to the point of pain. Oh, no. Please don’t do that. “Meredith,” he gasped against her skin, trying to still her, but it was too late.
    The wave of pleasure washed over him, seizing him up and shaking him out, emptying his very soul into her body as he recited, over and over into her ear, “I’m so sorry. Shit, that feels good. I’m just so sorry.”
    He was gone.
    He’d stroked her body, whispered her name, released himself inside her, and then he’d left just as the clock struck midnight, stammering something about convenience and late that she couldn’t quite make out because his voice was half-crazed. Even before he’d thrown on his clothes and practically sprinted out the door, it had sounded like an excuse to leave, which he’d done without so much as a kiss good-bye.
    Meredith pulled the covers more tightly around her and stared up at the ceiling, trying not to cry. She’d failed so miserably. What had she been thinking, trying to be someone she wasn’t? Pretending to be the kind of woman who belonged in that dress, in those glasses, with that man. She should be ashamed.
    So…why wasn’t she?
    Why, instead of shame, was it anger that she was feeling?
    “Because you weren’t pretending,” she whispered, sitting up abruptly and smacking the comforter. “I wasn’t pretending!” she shouted into the room, feeling her anger rise. Anger at Andrew, at the foster system, at the loneliness of Christmas, but most of all, anger at herself.
    She’d spent so many years denying this part of who she was, thinking

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