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Authors: Taryn Elliott
Tags: When You're Gone series
between them until she gingerly lowered herself to scratch his ears. She stuck her face into the heavy fur of his neck and breathed deep.
    Morgan helped her to her feet and brushed a kiss over her forehead before walking away without a word. He wasn’t very good with farewells, but had made sure to make an exception for Isabella since the beginning.
    Finally everyone was gone except Fiona. Izzy frowned at him then nodded to the guys. Logan gave her a small smile. “She’s yours.”
    Her eyes went wide as she immediately sat on the pavement beside the warm auburn and white-haired dog. Fiona whined and paced around her, bumping her shoulder then her neck and firmly nudging her way under Izzy’s arm.
    The pink tongue swiped up Izzy’s face and a small chuffing laugh escaped her lips.
    “I’d like to say she’s ours, but I know she’s yours already.”
    She burrowed her face in the dog’s neck and Fiona proceeded to crawl into her lap until her head was resting on Izzy’s chest and her whimpers made people turn to look.
    Logan held a hand out to her. “Yep. Time to go.”
    She hesitantly placed her hand in his.
    The dog leaped and barked as she circled them. He opened the door to the backseat. “In.” Fiona snapped to attention, barked once, and then leaped in. She took up the entire backseat as she sprawled out, panting with a huge smile on her face.
    “Ready to go?”
    Izzy sighed and nodded. He moved to help her inside but she held her hand up.
    At least that part was like his girl.
    It was nice to see at least a flash of her.

    Bella woke with her cheek resting against the door. The sun had long set and they were on a very dark road in the middle of nowhere. At least that’s how it seemed. She used the cover of night to look at Logan.
    She hadn’t been able to stand to look at him for days now. He’d become everything she never knew she wanted. A serious man, with no edge—that had been the plan. Then one moment with him in a wine-soaked evening and she’d been changed. She may not have owned up to it that night, but she couldn’t lie to herself now.
    It had taken one night to see just how much her plan had sucked. She’d denied herself the fun and thrill of Logan and then he’d gotten under her skin. She’d seen more than the rockstar face of Logan King and saw the sadness, saw the man longing to connect with someone.
    She’d fallen for that man.
    Now she wondered if she rewound time to that night—could she have just treated him as a one-night-stand? Could she have gotten the wild out of her system and then gotten back to the plan at hand?
    Walked away from him with a good memory and a level head, then found the stable guy that she was supposed to be with. Would he have walked out of her life with his problems, and the woman that was hell bent on destroying him?
    Would she still have Nic?
    Still have Adam?
    Still have the only family she’d ever truly known?
    Her chest tightened and she knew the sob was bubbling up in her chest. How many times had she wished that?
    She fisted her hand and felt the pull of freshly mending flesh tear and split. She tried to swallow the pain.
    She hunched toward the window. She could feel the abused skin slicken.
    “What is it?” He swore and pushed a button on the screen. “Rest area or gas station,” he said.
    A melodious voice said, “Working. Please choose from list below.”
    The voice prompts filled the car as he maneuvered off the main road and into a town. The bright lights of a gas station blinded her.
    She blinked away the fuzzy edges of sleep and saw that a few dry patches were bleeding. She must have slept through her time to use the ointment. The stiffness of her entire body told her that she’d slept way longer than she thought.
    She cradled her hand against her chest and leaned over. She’d been out nearly seven hours. With even breaths, she tried to align her spine with the seat and sit up straight.
    “I knew I should

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