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Authors: Victoria Sterling
reached up to cup her breast, circling his thumb over her hard nipple. She shuddered, the spike of pleasure taking away some discomfort. "I think so," she whispered, looking at him warily. She wriggled beneath him, causing him to groan and lift up. Nodding at the silent request flashing in his eyes, she sucked in a breath and sunk her teeth into her bottom lip when he withdrew and pushed back in. He repeated, again and again ever so gently, turning her whimpers into soft moans.
    His slow thrusts deepened. He lifted her hands above her head and smashed them into the pillow, his fingers twining with hers.
    "James," her eyes widened, his name a whisper from her lips.
    He kissed her, drowning her moans, and using his thighs to open her legs wider to take more of him, all of him.
    "Oh, God," she breathed, her eyes closing. A building sensation started spreading, making every part of her tingle. He kissed her hard and deep, taking complete control of her. She moaned, lifting her hips to meet his and he took the invitation to move faster. They rocked together, reaching for a new high.
    "Come for me," he said, tilting his hips just right, sending fire through her, and his command — his demanding dark gaze — sent her spiraling overboard. It took her several minutes to come back down to earth again, to be able to take in her surroundings. James lay on his side, his gaze trained on her. He brushed her stomach, fingertips leaving scorching trails in their path and Sophia buckled and cried softly at the wisps of pleasure he arose in her. Her eyelids fluttered, her gaze threatening to sink into darkness, and he stopped. Her chest still heaved on her intakes of air. James kissed her temple and brushed a few strands of hair out of her face.
    He wrapped her in a cool sheet and scooped her closer. "Sleep, beautiful," he ordered and kissed her forehead. The comfort of his arms wrapped around her guided her into an easy slumber. She wasn't good for much else anyway.

    "You know Gallagher's coming in, right?" Chris asked when she almost ran into him in the lobby after prepping a conference room. His pop-up visits did not amuse her, especially not this hectic Tuesday.
    "I know. I've ordered a driver to JFK." Lunch couldn't arrive soon enough. The clock neared seven, and she had to work until ten — maybe eleven. The fourteen-hour workday would wear her out, but she felt energized by the thought of meeting James for a late lunch at seven. While she enjoyed their night together last Friday immensely, this short date was perfect in-between hectic workdays — for the both of them.
    "They like to travel the city, you do know that?" Chris followed her. Sophia knew everything there was to know about Gallagher. He and his wife were jetsetters and usually when they arrived at their hotel, they wanted out to see the life the city offered. She loved them because they were always so energetic and interested in the city. Business came in second to them, and it was refreshing. Sophia had a driver ready to take them to whatever location they wanted once settled in, and she'd made a reservation at Chloe, the trendiest sushi place in the heart of New York. She knew how much they enjoyed that place. Sometimes it annoyed her when Chris acted as if he knew more about the visitors than she did. It couldn't be further away from the truth and he'd be in the dark if she ever chose to leave the hotel.
    "Yes, Chris, I've met the Gallaghers before. I have everything taken care of."
    Chris nodded at that. "Good. That was all."
    "You're welcome," she muttered after he left her before heading for her purse. She had promised meeting James and time was running out. She didn't bother buttoning up her coat, her steps quick down the street. A soft drizzle of rain brushed her cheeks and she glanced up at the barely-there rainy pearls drizzling from the dark skies above the skyscrapers. He stood by the luxurious restaurant Arielle ; the most sought

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