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Authors: Melody Carlson
foot of the steps. “Do you think it would be okay if we took something from here to eat at the beach? Or, maybe we should just pick something up on the way.”
    “We can probably find something here,” said DJ, thinking this was her chance. “Want to go see what’s available?”
    “What are you doing?” asked Clara as DJ and Eliza stepped into her territory. DJ quickly told Clara their plans, which got Clara off the hook for having to serve and clean up lunch. Clara’s eyes lit up. “Help yourselves,” she said, pointing out what was on-and off-limits. She even got them an ice chest. “Do you girls think you’ll be home in time for dinner?”
    DJ glanced at Eliza.
    “Maybe not,” said Eliza. “Is that okay?”
    “It’s okay with me,” said Clara happily. “Would you like me to inform Mrs. Carter? She went to town for a hair appointment.”
    “Yes,” said DJ eagerly. “That’d be great.”
    “And there’s some soda in the pantry,” said Clara in a lowered voice, as if she expected to get into trouble. “Mrs. Carter wasn’t too pleased that I bought it, but you could take it with you.”
    “Cool,” said DJ.
    “You girls run along,” said Clara. “I’ll get it all packed for you.”
    “Thanks so much,” said Eliza. Then as she and DJ were going up the stairs, Eliza said, “Clara is really nice.”
    DJ laughed. “Yeah, she’s nice because we’re getting out of her hair and now she has the day off.”
    “Oh, I get it.”
    “Uh, Eliza,” said DJ at the top of the stairs. “Can I ask a favor?”
    “Of course.”
    So DJ quickly explained that she was starting to feel a little out of place. “I mean it’s obvious that I have never taken fashion seriously. And the more Grandmother bugs me about it, the more I resist. Seriously, that woman makes me want to pull out my hair and scream. But now I’m wondering if I really do need some, uh, help.”
    Eliza laughed. “Duh, you need some help. I’m surprised your grandmother hasn’t taken you in for a complete psychological evaluation by now, because I know she thinks you’re totally crazy.”
    “The feeling’s mutual.”
    “Okay, maybe Mrs. Carter takes fashion a little too seriously, but good grief, DJ, you could volunteer to be a permanent placeholder in the fashion don’t section of Style magazine.”
    “That bad?” DJ sighed. “Is it hopeless?”
    “Where there is life, there is hope. But we better get started ASAP.” Right there in the hallway, Eliza looked carefully at DJ, scrutinizing every square inch of her. “Well, you have a lot going for you. You are naturally good-looking. The problem is you don’t do anything with it.”
    “Because I don’t know what to do.”
    Eliza nodded. Then she glanced toward the door to her room. “Kriti will probably get upset if I drag you in there. It’s already too crowded. It’ll help when we get some of our things moved downstairs. Inez is supposed to get on it today. In the meantime, let’s go to your room.”
    As DJ led Eliza to her room, she had some serious doubts. What was she getting herself into? And was it a compromise of her values? What about what she’d told Conner last night? What about his concern over high-maintenance girls?
    But her doubts were overshadowed by the image of Conner gazing at Taylor at the tennis court earlier, smiling at her with guy-like approval. She had definitely gotten his attention in a way that DJ never had. At least not yet.

    “STanD rIGHT THere,” commanded Eliza as she practically shoved DJ in front of the full-length mirror on her closet door. DJ frowned at her own image. Talk about slumming. Next to Eliza she really did look like a fashion don’t . Eliza’s long hair was blonde and shiny. Her makeup was perfect. And her pale blue capri pants and white cropped top looked fresh and stylish, setting off her tan, which DJ suspected came from a bottle since she’d heard Eliza warning them all to use sunscreen this morning. Even

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