Velvet and Lace

Free Velvet and Lace by Shannon Reckler

Book: Velvet and Lace by Shannon Reckler Read Free Book Online
Authors: Shannon Reckler
quickly.” He kissed her lightly on the lips and then pulled back to lean over to the night stand. He returned with a foil packet in hand. Daphne watched, mesmerized, as he took his cock in hand and rolled the condom down.
    She wiggled her hips in anticipation and he laid his body back down on hers. When the head of his cock rubbed up against her opening she groaned low in her throat.
    Trent's voice startled her. “Look at me baby. I’ve been waiting a long time for this.”
    She opened her eyes and looked up into the green depths of Trent’s eyes. He stared down at her for a moment and then slowly pushed inside of her.
    She arched her back and wrapped her arms around his neck. She could feel every glorious inch of his cock sinking into her. She clenched around him and he groaned. When he was in as deep as he could go they both released a deep breath.
    “Trent, you feel absolutely amazing.”
    Daphne lifted her head to skim her teeth on the side of his neck and wrapped her legs around his hips, crossing her ankles behind his back. The motion caused him to sink farther into her and she bit down softly on his neck.
    He pulled back, making her release her hold on him. “I need to know how you want this, Daphne. If you want this slow I will try my hardest to make this perfect for you and not come too soon. But if not, I’m going to fuck you hard and fast.” He rested his forehead down on hers and stared into her eyes. Daphne loved his beautiful green eyes and she kissed his cheek.
    “Why are you still talking, handsome? You’re glorious cock is stuffed inside of me and you’re talking. Fuck me anyway you want. But if you want an opinion, we can do slow later.” She winked up at him and he growled at her words. She laughed out loud, but it quickly turned into a long moan as he began to move inside of her.
    With the position they were in, their bodies meshed together. Trent grinded against her clit with every deep stroke. His hips were brutal as he pounded into her and she loved every second of it. Her head thrashed against the pillow as she felt the wave getting bigger and bigger.
    “Come on my cock.” His command was the spark she needed. Her hands gripped the hair at the base of his neck as she flew apart. He pumped his cock into her pussy few more times before he followed her over. She could feel his cock pulsing deep inside her as the muscles in his back and neck tensed. She was glad she had opened her eyes to watch him come. Trent coming was one of the best things she had ever witnessed.              
    He collapsed on top of her with his face buried in her neck. She ran her hands up and down his back and shoulders. His cock twitched inside of her and she moaned at the sensation.
    “I’m sorry. I’m squishing you.” He kissed up her neck, and then sought out her mouth. The kiss was deep but only lasted a few seconds. “You are amazing.” He sat up and withdrew from her. She instantly missed his hard cock inside of her pussy.
    “Did I complain?” She smiled up at him, enjoying his naked butt.
    He walked to the adjoining bathroom and cleaned himself up. She heard the water run and watched as he returned with a warm washcloth. He seated himself between her still spread thighs and washed her juices off of her. She whimpered a little as he grazed her clit but he quickly moved on. Before he got up he kissed the inside of her thigh, and then walked back into the bathroom.
    He called out from the bathroom. “Stay the night with me.” When he walked back into the room, she had to tear her gaze away from his spectacular body, and amazing cock. Even flaccid, it was an impressive size.
    She smiled up at him as he climbed into the bed beside her. “I kind of thought I already was. But if you insist.” He pulled the top sheet over the two of them and curled himself around her back. He tucked one arm underneath her head, then the other he wrapped possessively underneath her breasts.

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