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Authors: TJ Black
to come. No questions asked.
    “The sixth.” Tension suddenly filled in the room. Noah moved to one of the sofas and sat down with a heavy sigh. “A son I believe lived.”
    “Not possible,” Richard Cutter said “There was no way in hell any children were left behind.”
    “The preganant female lived,” Garek mumbled low.
    “No!” Jack yelled. “She didn’t live.”
    “None lived,” Richard said, shaking his head. “We were there. We saw our fathers burn them all.”
    “You fucked up,” Martin Keeton remarked low with his head down. Slowly he raised it up, looking Jack right in the eyes. “She was to die for the father’s sins, remember?” Jack’s eyes narrowed and one even started to twitch. “You were to finish it and you fucked it up. What’d you do Jack, toy with her like a cat to a mouse?”
    “Shut up!” Garek yelled, throwing his glass right at Martin’s head. “We swore we’d never talk about this shit.”
    “And yet somehow it has gotten out!” Martin yelled right back. “Seems as if she survived and if so, then she’s bred a killer just like her father.”
    “No,” Jack shook his head. “I buried her myself and trust me she was dead when I did it.”
    “Jonah knows some of it,” Noah said.
    “Fucking great,” Richard groan.
    “It won’t be long before the others find out,” Noah looked around the room at each one of them. “And when they all know, we must be prepared for the hell that will follow.”
    “All that is being discovered is that there was a sixth…that’s it,” Jack sneered. “Doesn’t mean shit, or that there is anything more to know.”
    “Oh I’m sure there is more to know,” Noah stood back up and looked right at Jack. “There’s always more to know.” He finished his drink in one gulp. “You’ve got to check that grave Jack. Make sure she’s there. Because I have a strong hunch that she’s alive and that rogue out there belongs to her.” Noah walked to a table and put his glass down slightly hard. “Find out fast or it will be us and our families that pay the price for what our fathers did. Night boys.”
    * * * *
    Ghost tried like hell to sleep but couldn’t, thanks to his side throbbing and the itch to shift and run. Then you add that he’s in a house and not in his cabin in the woods, well that made sleeping really impossible.
    With a low growl, he flung the blankest off his legs and with some difficultly, got out of the bed, arm across his belly holding onto his side as he moved. He swore under his breath. Mostly he was pissed that some female could sneak up on him and get a shot in. No one has ever been able to sneak up on him before. He chastised himself for being so distracted with this rogue. Maybe, just maybe, if he wasn’t so tunnel vision on tracking that bastard down, he’d picked up on her before she struck. Bitch!
    Ghost paced slowly back and forth, working out the knotted muscles and trying to get his body limber enough that maybe he could change. Yet, every time he’d think about it, his side would burn reminding him painfully that it wasn’t going to happen.
    “Motherfucker,” he hissed, then stilled. Something tapped on the window. Slowly, Ghost walked over and peeked through before opening it to stick his head out. When he did, a small rock hit him right in the forehead. “Motherfucker,” he grunted again, closing his eyes as they watered up.
    “Sorry man.”
    “Yeah, can I come up?”
    “Hold on,” Ghost left the window and went to the door. Slowly he opened it, looked up and down to make sure everyone was asleep for the night, then closed and locked it before walking back to the window. “Okay, come up.”
    Lucas took three large steps backwards to come at the house at a run, jumped up and with his hands and feet, clawed like a cat up the side of the house to the window, jumping in.
    He stood

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