Awakening (Kiss of the Jaguar Series Book 1)

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Book: Awakening (Kiss of the Jaguar Series Book 1) by TJ Black Read Free Book Online
Authors: TJ Black
tall, thick and strong. His hair wasn’t long, but thick, and his eyes were gold like the others. What had him standing out from the rest a simple accident of birth. Lucas was a lower class jaguar in the pecking order. His family was not one of the Five . However, that didn’t mean he couldn’t rise up for it, even though chances were slim. Fathers that practiced the old ways kept daughters safe from the lower class and even the Five kept their daughters close. Daughters of the Five might be allowed to mate with only a few worthy families, but that had to be approved by their fathers.
    “Man, you look like shit,” Lucas said.
    “Thanks,” Ghost grunted. He went back to the bed and sat down. “What are you doing here?”
    “Thought I’d come and check on you. You didn’t return from the hunt.”
    “Some bitch tried to slice and dice me.”
    “So I see.” Lucas smiled, then the smile froze on his face for a moment, slowly disappearing. His eyes closed and he took in one very large breath.
    “What?” Ghost said, standing back up. “Is he here?” Lucas only shook his head. “Then what’s wrong?”
    “I’ve picked that scent up before,” Lucas groaned, eyes still closed. “Fuck, if it doesn’t stir my blood.” Right before his eyes, Lucas stripped.
    “What the hell are you doing?” Ghost demanded. “Do you know whose house you’re in?”
    “I’ve got to go to her,” Lucas said, bending over and pulling his pants off, then kicking his shoes off. He went right to the door, unlocking, then opening it, not looking back at Ghost at all. “I’ve got to have more,” he finished with a low growl right before dropping to the floor to shift. His arms and legs pulled in and transformed. Skin turned to a soft golden pelt, and his face twisted and changed. With a hard shake of his whole body, skin seemed just to melt away and fur replaced every inch of him.
    “Oh fuck,” Ghost groaned. Faster than he could move, Lucas was out the door and down the hall. “This is not going to be good.”
    * * * *
    The scent was much stronger now in his jaguar form. Lucas let his nose guide him to where the man inside wanted to be. He went towards her room and nothing or no one was going to stop him from touching the one that haunted his nights each time she went out into the woods. So many nights as he was hunting he would pick up that scent and just that smell alone did things to him that no other had been able to ever do. Never had he felt so hard and out of control before, or hunger for, as much as he hungered for this one.
    He stopped at the far end of the hallway, right in front of a closed door. If he could, he’d smile at the fact the door was cracked open. With his nose, he pushed it fully open, went inside, turned and shut it the same way. Before he moved any further, he stood there and breathed in the scent. It filled the room, confirming he was indeed in the right room.
    In the middle of the bed, no covers on her body. She was on her stomach. A long t-shirt covered her down to the top part of the back of her legs. Lucas licked his lips right before moving closer, then as carefully as he could he walked up on the bed from the foot.
    The bed shifted and moved while he stepped toward her. Carefully, he moved over her and settled his whole body down on her. That contact was all it took for her to wake up.
    “What the hell?” She tried to rise up, but his weight prevented it and as he lay on her back in his jag form, Lucas slowly shifted back to human.
    “Shhhh,” he said low in her ear, settling himself down more on her body with his hips pressing against her ass. “Don’t want to wake daddy now.” He made extra sure that she could feel his erection against her ass.
    “Who the hell are you and how did you get in my room?”
    “Come to see you,” closing his eyes he rubbed part of his face against the back of her head, then around

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