Awakening (Kiss of the Jaguar Series Book 1)

Free Awakening (Kiss of the Jaguar Series Book 1) by TJ Black

Book: Awakening (Kiss of the Jaguar Series Book 1) by TJ Black Read Free Book Online
Authors: TJ Black
noticed there is no sixth anymore. They’re gone.”
    “But they’re not, are they?” Jonah walked further into the room. “That rogue tonight, he mentioned to Alesha something about the sixth, like he was the sixth.”
    “I don’t know. I’m just telling you what I do know and it was enough to get my father freaked the fuck out. I’ve never seen him panic like that before, and neither had my mother.”
    “How’d you find out about them?”
    “I followed him to one of those meetings. You know, the one where all the alpha’s of the families get together. I heard them talk, one saying something like not all gone. I don’t know. I just asked him and he lost it. So now, I don’t talk to him and he pretends I’m not alive.”
    “Why didn’t you tell me?”
    “What would you’ve done? Your father knows why I’m on my own. They all do.”
    “Is this sixth the one that got you?”
    “No. It was a woman.”
    “Um, excuse me?”
    “You heard me,” Jonah saw Ghost’s unamused expression and in any other circumstance he might laugh, but something about the whole thing going on he didn’t find any humor in any of this.
    “Garek says stay until you can shift, and I agree.”
    Ghost growled.
    “I mean it Ghost.”
    “Not a good idea.”
    “Why not?”
    Ghost looked at him again, and a shiver went right down Jonah’s spin. “Trust me; it’s not a good idea for me to stay in this house.”
    “Deal with it. I’m going to go down and talk with my father. Maybe get a few more answers to figure out this damn puzzle.”
    “Don’t push too hard Jonah,” the look Ghost gave him once more had a shiver going down his back. “This is a well-kept and guarded secret whatever it is. I doubt any of them are willing to give it up, even for their own blood or to save their asses.”
    Jonah walked out and stood in the hallway for a moment digesting all that Ghost told him. When he felt as if he had himself under control, he headed down.
    Garek and Chloe were both in the living room. Loraine came out of the kitchen with a tray in hand.
    “Garek, may I please—” Jonah started to ask.
    “I’ll send them upstairs,” Garek cut him off and motioned for his family to quickly leave and go up the stairs.
    When the three of them were alone, Jonah faced his father.
    “How is she?” Noah asked.
    “All my life, I’ve done what has been expected of me,” Jonah moved to the side and then started to pace back and forth, or more like side to side in front of his father. “Done what you’ve commanded and asked nothing. Not once have I ever questioned anything you’ve done, or said, but right now I am and I want the truth from you.”
    “What are you talking about?”
    “Was there a sixth family?” Jonah saw Garek stiffen, and the color drain from his father’s face. He knew he had his answer. “I want to know what happened to them, or so help me I’ll take you all down myself.”

Chapter Six
    Noah pulled up to the old house deep in the woods. He parked, got out, and walked as fast as his old legs would move to the front door. Not bothering to knock he went right in, slamming it behind him in his haste to meet up with the others.
    Far in the back of the house, the other four stood waiting. All stopped drinking and even talking when Noah entered, and no one said a word either.
    “We’ve got a problem,” Noah huffed. He swallowed hard, moved over to the liquor, and poured himself a large drink. Downing it, he poured himself another before closing his eyes, taking a deep breath and facing them.
    “Always a dramatic Noah. What now?” Jack Paxon sighed in irritation.
    “One lived,” Noah hissed.
    “One what?” Jack snapped, clearly he didn’t want to be here anymore than Noah. In fact, Jack never liked to come to any of the meetings, but when one was called, the others had

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