Dawn of Darkness (Daeva, #1)
warmth, his hand sliding
down into my boxers to take hold of me. I inhaled sharply. The hand
began to move, slowly at first, but picking up speed, jerking
against the cloth that seemed to grow tighter with every stroke.
All the while, his mouth continued its relentless
    I opened
my eyes when the hand retreated, unable to remember when I had
closed them. His lips gave one last touch to the sore skin they had
worked on so meticulously. Ash stood and moved to the bottom of the
bed, his hands gripping the waist of my jeans. I lifted my hips as
he pulled them down over my legs. He reached up once more, tugging
at the thin material that covered my erection, exposing me
    I watched
as he started to unfasten his belt, then a button. He looked up,
caught me staring and smiled. The zip came down ever so slowly,
teasing me. He wiggled his hips gently, letting the jeans fall of
their own accord. One hand played over the line of his abs,
following a thin trail of golden hair. It disappeared beneath his
waistband, grasping and stroking as he watched me watch
dropped the boxers in one swift movement and crawled onto the bed,
parting my legs so he could kneel between them. His erection was in
plain view above my own. I had the sudden urge to reach out and
touch it. Ash gave a surprised look when my hand wrapped around
him. I moved my hand down to the base, feeling the soft skin slide
over him, and back up again, fascinated by the slight curve as he
let out a deep moan. I repeated the movement again, and again. His
hands played along the inside of my thighs as his hips began to
rock impatiently.
warning, his lips crashed down onto mine. His tongue pressed inside
me, snaking around my own. I could feel his body begin to tremble
as he pulled back. His hand gripped mine, prying it from
yet," he whispered to me. Ash stalked backwards, until his head was
above my waist. As he crouched down, his tongue swept across the
tip of my erection. My whole body shuddered with anticipation. "I
love virgins," he said. "They're always so responsive."
    I felt the heat creep up into my
cheeks, and opened my mouth to say something. The words were cut
off, and all thought lost as the warmth of his mouth enveloped me.
I threw my head back and cried out. With each bob of his head, the
tension in my lower gut grew and grew, his tongue working in time
with every stroke. I clawed at the edges of the mattress, desperate
for something to hold onto. Each second the urgency, the need for
release, became stronger. I began to thrust my hips upward, diving
deeper into his mouth, faster and faster. I could feel it coming. Just below
the surface it was waiting, gaining strength with every
hands latched onto my hips, restricting my movement. I looked down
to see his eyes focused on mine. He moved slowly up and down, and
it wasn't enough. I thrashed wildly against him, trying to find my
release, but his grip held me firm, prolonging the
whimpered softly when he lifted his head and climbed back into
position, kneeling over me. His arousal brushed against mine and he
took them both in one hand. The salty taste of his lips was thrust
into me, his tongue exploring deeper than before. I mimicked its
movements as I pressed into the kiss, and it was back
started in one leg, a small twitch. My fingers dug into Ash's
shoulders and he grunted, the sound mixing into my pants and
groans. Then out of nowhere, I felt it hit me. My body writhed and
convulsed under him. I screamed my pleasure into his mouth as he
fought to keep the kiss going. It racked through my body until it
spilled over, a warm, wet feeling landing on my chest and stomach.
Ash began to shudder above me, his strokes losing their rhythm. He
broke the kiss, gasping for air. I felt the length of him, still
pressed against me in his hand, begin to spasm as he let out a
chorus of moans. The wet feeling hit me again, mixing with my

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