MC: Brighton
and Rich lets them run this way.
    She nods. “If they’re not on lockdown, if they are I just get picked up.” She’s been looking at me more when she talks, so I keep my face from reacting, but I’m not happy with this. Security is high and her ex is still pushing to get into town.
    When she doesn’t say more I turn and head to the front door. I need to see who is picking her up. I hear her behind me and stand at the center of the doorway so she can’t just walk past. Driscoll is in an SUV in the driveway. I throw him chin and move aside. As she walks by, I stop her and bend, taking her mouth before she can say anything. When I pull away she watches me with a confused look. “When I leave you I make sure you know I’m going to miss you. When you leave I expect that back. Yeah?”
    She gives me the biggest smile. “Yeah.”
    I let her go and watch her run to the SUV’s back door. Driscoll closes it for her and throws me chin. I go back to putting tracking into the other jewels I picked up from Nancy. I won’t be giving them to her right now, but I need something to keep my hands busy so I’m not watching the video feeds like her fuckin stalking ex.
    *  *  *
    Tess is coming for lunch and to get the ‘scoop’, but I can’t stop thinking about Digs kissing me this morning. He always kisses me but wants me to kiss him when I leave. I wonder if that’s the scoop she wants. There is no way I’m telling her about the stuff we’ve done. I can feel my blush and I’m only thinking about it. Darn it all! My panties are wet remembering his mouth on my breast. He’s done it three times and every time I wish he’d do more. He doesn’t even tell me to take care of him, he’s not mean and he’s always smiling. I love when he smiles, but I want him to do more than that. Maybe I can find a way to ask Tess at lunch.
    The door opens and I jump. I didn’t even know we were stopped. “Thanks, Driscoll.” I scoot around him and run up the stairs and straight through to the shower.
    When I’m dressed and go for coffee Digs has a cup waiting for me. He even put my cereal and bowl out. “Good run?”
    He’s a good boyfriend, always asking about everything I do. I smile and nod at him, then think about him being a good boyfriend. I guess he is, but it just hits me that I think of him like that. Jiminy! I put my head down and pour my cereal as he pours milk in his then mine. He always does little things like that and it makes me smile. He hasn’t asked me to serve him anything and always thanks me for the things I do. “Thank you,” I say, looking up at him.
    He leans over and kisses my head. “You’re welcome. Eat. I need to get to work.” He smiles when he says it, so I smile back.
    “Tonight I’m going out with the girls. Tess is picking me up at eight.” I rush through it, hoping he doesn’t get mad.
    “Yeah, Rich put HS with you for the night,” he says like it’s not a big deal. I look at him, but he’s looking at his bowl. He doesn’t say anything else about it, so I relax and eat quick so he isn’t late for work.
    He always does the same thing when we get to the shop. He opens the door and walks through it, then kisses me before he leaves. Today I follow him and pull him down to kiss him. I want him to know I’ll miss him. He smiles and kisses me again. “I like you taking what you want. I need to go before you decide you want more and VP sends HS to hunt me down. I’ll pick you up at five.”
    I watch him walk out and get a shiver down my back. Dear Lord, it’s that easy to just kiss him. I wasn’t even nervous. I get through my morning and have everything ready when Tess comes in. She’s always so happy, like a little fairy godmother. “Are you excited about tonight, Penny?”
    “I am. Digs didn’t say anything when I told him,” I tell her, smiling. He’s perfect.
    She stops smiling, “He didn’t say anything?”
    I think back. “He said Rich has HS on me for

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