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Authors: Devi Mara
swallowed the bite. She immediately went back for more. He looked down at his own plate and wondered what she would like best. Apsu, a deep water fish, shared the plate with the essuru, salmu, and sisu. The sisu, a four-legged grazing animal, was on the gamey side. He had killed it mere hours ago to insure it was fresh for her.
    The salmu, a black, flying reptile, had taken a bite out of him while he was hunting it. He hoped the wound would form an impressive scar to show Abigail later. Her voice drew his attention from his plate.
    “Your Majesty? What is this?” She scooped up some of the sisu and dipped it in the spicy sauce that accompanied it. “It’s really good.”
    He smiled slightly. “It’s called sisu. The sauce is called isatum.”
    He nodded. It was close enough. He watched her take another fork full to her mouth and chew thoughtfully.
    “It’s good on its own, but I like the isa-toom,” she said.
    He smiled. They could work on her pronunciation later.
    “The prince is a hunter, Miss Ashley.”
    He looked up at the president’s words. The man was watching Abigail closely, as if waiting for a reaction. She continued to eat sedately. After a moment, she seemed to notice the gazes fastened on her.
    “That’s nice,” she said.
    “I understood you to be an animal welfare advocate,” the president said with a small frown.
    Edric scowled. He could see where this was going.
    “That is commendable,” he said to Abigail, ignoring the president.
    “I have no problem with hunting for food,” Abigail said slowly, as if considering her words. “It’s hunting for sport, I dislike.”
    “I see,” the president said.
    She looked over at him, obviously noticing the irritation in his tone. “Sir?”
    He waved her off. “I was concerned it may upset you.”
    Edric narrowed his eyes. Lies.
    “Oh. Thank you for your concern.” She finished the last of her food and sat back in her seat.
    Sotia and Kriskanos immediately approached the table, Sotia asking Abigail if she would like anything else. Abigail smiled and shook her head.
    “No, thank you. I’m fine, Sophie.”
    It was strange to hear the human name applied to one of his own. He had almost forgotten Konani had insisted upon it. Watching Abigail smile at the two cooks, he was pleased he had agreed.
    “Water is fine.”
    After Kriskanos refilled her water glass, the two of them left with her empty plate. She raised her eyes to look across the table at him. He lowered his gaze to his plate.
    “You’re not hungry?”
    He glanced up. She was frowning at his nearly full plate.
    “I find I have no appetite,” he said simply.
    “No appetite for food, maybe,” the president muttered under his breath, just loud enough for him to hear.
    He sent the man a dark look and noticed Desta’s hand move to the blade she kept hidden under her forearm guard. Her hazel eyes moved to him, waiting for the order to cut the man down. He shook his head. She visibly sighed and sent her mate, Roshan, a set upon look. The blonde inched closer to her and the dark-skinned woman relaxed slightly.
    His guards were not used to being so forgiving. In truth, neither was he. He watched Abigail sip at her water, her gaze moving over his guards. For her, he was willing to tolerate snide remarks and mild disrespect. Until she was at his side. Then, the disrespectful human leader would die along with the insolent Agent Jackson.
    “I used to be a hunter, myself,” she said, breaking the silence that had fallen.
    “What is your weapon of choice?” He noticed the agent watching them from the corner of his eye.
    “Both rifle and bow, but I had been learning black powder rifle before—” she broke off.
    “Before your mother’s illness?” the president asked.
    Edric did not like his tone. He was intentionally pressing on an emotional bruise. He was proven correct with the man’s next words.
    “She was your adoptive mother, correct?”
    Abigail’s eyes snapped up to

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