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Authors: T.l Smith
her pants and I choose not to say anything to her. If she wants to be in this life, she will be though she can’t say I haven’t warned her.
    Stefanos has a surprise for me today, which I’m not so happy about because that means we have to leave my room, where we’ve been having so much fun. He’s been getting quite shitty though, because someone is always knocking on my door or interrupting us during our most intimate moments.
    “Princess, we need to go,” he tells me, walking over to me and looking over my shoulder.
    I’m currently standing in front of my long full-length mirror, lost in thought. I nod my head and follow him out, wondering when I should break my news to him.
    Just before we leave I see Hunter and Carmen on his motorbike. She jumps off of it and she leans in to kiss him. He notices me and pulls away from her. She looks shocked at first until she turns around and sees me standing there. Then she slaps him across the face and storms inside. Stefanos laughs, but Hunter just smiles. He places his helmet back on and takes off.
    “Interesting,” I say to no one inparticular and then slide into the car. Once I’m in, I consider telling Stefanos what’s been eating me alive this last week. But I re-think it and consider not spoiling his mood.
    The drive isn’t long, maybe five minutes from my father’s house. We pull up to a beautiful beach house that has stunning views of the ocean. I look around for any signs of the surprise and I can’t see a thing except what’s in front of me. I’m starting to think he’s bought a house for himself while he’s here.
    Stefanos opens my door and helps me out. We walk to the beach house which is very modern and chic. He opens the front door and I look around. I automatically come to halt when I notice there are photos of Cassandra and myself. The living room is very open and overlooks the ocean. The kitchen joins in an open floor plan. He takes my hand and guides me up the stairs to the main bedroom. The bed is stunning. It’s a four-poster and it’s made of dark mahogany wood. So are the dressers and the cupboard.
    “I can tie you to our bed nice and tight now,” he whispers in my ear, sending shivers all over my body.
    “What do you mean ours?” I ask him
    “This is our house, Princess. I brought it when I was last here, for us. But things have been so crazy I haven’t completed it, ‘til now.”
    “I have a house, Stefanos,” I tell him, because technically my father’s house is mine. It’s been in my name since last year.
    “Yes, but we won’t have distractions here, and I will have you all to myself,” he says.
    He picks me up and carries me to the end of the hallway where there is another bedroom. He stands and takes in a few deep breaths and closes his eyes.
    “Close your eyes,” he tells me in a shaky voice.
    I do as he asks and I hear the bedroom door open. Stefanos kisses me on the lips and when we break apart, I keep my eyes closed.
    “Open now, Princess.”
    I open my eyes and come face to face with the man who now owns my soul. I look around and notice what this room is. I’m glad I’m not standing alone as I’d be flat out on the floor right about now.
    The room is beautiful, though it makes my secret that much more real. I look at the baby cot standing by itself, which is made up and full of teddy bears, blankets and pillows. I look to the changing table that is positioned right next to it. I try to take everything in, but I just can’t right now. So, I go back to look at the one thing that is real, Stefanos.
    “What’s... this for?” I ask, gesturing to the room.
    “You think you could hide something that important from me,” he says, deadly serious and in an angry tone.
    “I know, Princess. I found your test, plus your nipples are extra sensitive and your sex drive is through the roof. I’m pretty sure my cock wants to fall off with how much you have ridden it lately... Not that I don’t love it,” he adds, that

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