Clan of Redemption
    “No, it’s just helped me
out in a jam,” she said.
    Within a few minutes, she
had that trunk lock popped opened.
    “So, your dad’s not going
to come up here and bust us is he?” Sully asked moved over so I
could sit in front of the trunk.
    “No, I think he’s out in
the garage working on his project,” I said.
    “Is he working on that 68
camero super sport?” Sully asked with a gleam in her
    “Yeah I think that’s the
car, how did know what kind of car it was?” I asked.
    “I love old cars,
hello……look at my truck,” she said as she sighed.
    I opened the trunk slow. I
could feel Sully's eagerness to see inside. I felt almost guilty
going through it, but since my mom wasn’t around anymore you would
think that this was now mine, plus with her cryptic message in her
letter I’m hoping that we might find something in here to help
    The first thing on top was
my mom's wedding dress. It was a simple white silk gown with sheer
sleeves. I loved this dress, I wouldn’t mind wearing this to my
wedding, if that day ever happens. I might want to add a few things
to the dress, simple is great, but I like a little
    I set that aside and
starting sorting through the items in the chest.
    Sully had found an old
    “Hey, let’s look through
this first, this looks really ancient,” she said as she sat next to
    “So who are these people,
this pictures look really old,” she said as she opened to the first
    “I think those are my
great grandparents, but I’m not sure, like I said, my mom didn’t
allow me to go through this stuff with her,” I said as I stared at
the pictures, black and white photos were always so interesting,
like all the life was sucked right off the page. The people posing
for the pictures looked like their lives were so boring, and grim.
No smiles, you couldn't get a read on anyone in old
    “You never talk about your
grandparents, are they still alive?” She asked.
    I shrugged, “I really
don’t know if they are still alive, my mom never talked about them,
and over the years I’ve asked Dad about them and he told me that
his mom and dad died before I was born and he doesn’t know anything
about Mom’s parents. Dad said that she wouldn’t talk about them,
and he never bothered her about it, he figured if she wanted to
talk about them she would.
    “Jayden, this younger girl
is a knockout, I wonder who she is?” Sully said as she pointed to a
picture of a young girl in a beautiful gown. The picture was taken
in a formal living room, but the picture didn’t look that old, even
though it was in black and white.
    “I don’t believe it!” I
said as my mouth dropped open.
    “What is it” Sully
    “Look behind the girl
above the fireplace, look at the girl in the painting. Do you see
it?” I asked.
    “See what, I see a
painting of a girl, what am I looking for?” Sully asked.
    “Look at the necklace;
it’s the same one that you gave me,” I said to Jayden as I reached
up and grabbed the pendant in my hand and rubbed it.
    “Jayden…that’s the same
necklace. Do you know what this means?” Sully said as she sat back
on her knees.
    “That means that this
necklace has been in my family for many years and that your family
and my family knew each other,” I said as I just stared at the
    “Jayden, look the girl in
the picture not the painting, she's wearing the ring your mom gave
you.” Sully pointed to the ring. It was hard to see the ring but it
did look just like it.
    “We need to find some
answers to our questions, but I don’t know where to start,” I said
as I closed the album.
    “Jayden are you up here?”
My dad hollered.
    “Yeah Dad, Sully and I are
both up here.” I called back.
    “Sully, let’s not saying
anything to Dad about the necklace and ring, my Mom seemed
concerned for him.”
    Saska made a quick
    “Oh yeah and Saska too,” I
said as I smiled and reached for his face.

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