Murder in Plain Sight
    “I’ll do what I can. But you know who the kids might open up to more easily? Trey Morgan. You need to get him involved.”
    Involved? She nodded, but her heart sank. It seemed to her that Trey Morgan was already involved far too much for her peace of mind.

    S OMEHOW J ESSICA WASN’T really surprised when she went out to the street to find that Trey was leaning against her car. She stopped, frowning at him as he held out her keys.
    “I thought your buddy Tom was going to bring the car over.”
    He shrugged. “I had time. You don’t mind driving me back to pick up my truck, do you?”
    She could hardly say no. She gave him a brisk nod and went around to the driver’s side. Trey slid into the passenger’s seat and adjusted the sun visor.
    “So, how did it go with Thomas?”
    “I can’t discuss the case with you. Not unless my client wishes it.” And her client was never going to be presented with that option, if she had anything to say about it. Leo’s recommendation that she involve Trey in the case flitted through her mind, but she ignored it.
    “Okay. I guess it’s going to be a quiet ride, then. How do you like Lancaster County?”
    “Considering that I haven’t seen much yet except the jail, I think it’s very…rural. You’d never guess it was so close to the city.”
    “That’s what most people like about it.” Trey attempted to stretch his long legs out and discovered he couldn’t. He slid the seat back, making himself more comfortable.
    “I appreciate your getting the mechanic moving so quickly on my car.” If Trey hadn’t done the calling, she might still be waiting, she suspected. “Did he leave the bill in the car?”
    “We’ll take care of it.”
    She frowned. “It’s my car and my new tires.”
    “New tires you need because of your involvement in the case. We’ll take care of them.”
    “That’s very generous.” She clipped off the words. Generous, yes, but she had a feeling he hadn’t done it for that reason. He so clearly wanted to be in control of everything. “However, that’s why I have insurance.” She held out her hand, not looking at him.
    Silence for a moment, and then she felt the flimsy paper being put into her hand.
    “Are you this stubborn about everything?” Trey asked.
    She shot him a glance. “Somehow I don’t think I’m the only one.”
    For once, he didn’t seem to have an answer. She pulled into the parking lot next to his truck just as her cell phone rang.
    She flipped it open. Listened. And felt annoyance surge through her. She cut the connection. Glared at Trey.
    “That was the district attorney’s office. Thomas’s arraignment is in—” she consulted her watch “—less than an hour.”
    Trey frowned. “Awfully short notice, isn’t it?”
    “Yes. It is.” Her mind spun with possibilities. “I need to let Leo know. And Thomas’s family should be told. He ought to have appropriate clothes, and I have to get to the courthouse in time to brief him.”
    Trey swung his door open. “I’ll take care of getting Thomas’s family and his clothes. You call Leo and head for the courthouse.”
    She was about to ask him why he thought he should take charge, but he was already striding toward his truck. Besides, it would do no goodto ask—he probably hadn’t figured that one out himself.
    She and Leo made it to the courthouse with barely fifteen minutes to spare, and she was fuming. “What does the D.A. think he’s doing, giving us so little notice?”
    “Taking advantage of the publicity, I expect.” Leo sounded a bit breathless, and she slowed her pace. “He’s up for reelection, you know.”
    No, she hadn’t known, and it didn’t do a thing for her mood. “This should be fairly straightforward, in any event. I don’t suppose there’s much chance the judge will grant bail.”
    Leo shook his head. “Not sure it’s a good idea anyway, as upset as people seem to be. Thomas might be safer in jail.”

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