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Authors: A.M. Griffin
herself as heat flushed her skin. Why is it suddenly hotter in here?
    Tickles ran across her scalp as the tendrils of hair by her ears grew wet. The bridge of her nose misted with sweat.
    Damn, this planet is hot. No wonder he doesn’t wear a shirt.
    She was sure females followed Rasha around like mosquitos caught in the bright lights of a zapper.
    His arms swayed by his sides. Thick…perfect with fine black hairs dotting his skin.
    She shook the thought from her head.
    Stop. That’s probably how it all starts.
    Innocent looking, then bam!
    I’m letting him fondle me with massive hands.
    She couldn’t help but glance at his hands…rough, strong hands.
    Jeez. Get it together. What am I doing?
    Then it hit her. Pheromones.
    There was a race of aliens…what were they called? While the name eluded her, probably because of all the pheromones Rasha was shooting her way, she did remember the oil they secreted from their skin. It had caused all the women in the brothel, her included, to desire to touch and caress their leathery skin. The oil had also made her do other things with them. Things she never wanted to remember again.
    Her gaze roamed over his body, alert for any signs of oiliness on his perfectly chiseled body.
    A large drop of sweat rolled from her forehead to her lashes. She used her arm to wipe it away. But as she did, another rolled down her face.
    She mentally scolded herself. If she was going to overcome this, she would definitely need to stop referring to his physique as perfectly chiseled.
    Jesus, who keeps turning up the fucking heat?
    Blinking, she glanced around. Somehow she had made it to the dining room without knowing what route she had taken to get there.
    They walked through the dining area, which had already begun to fill. Various-sized tables were scattered throughout the room, leaving the middle area clear.
    Jess followed him to a raised section of tables. Rasha took his seat and motioned for her to sit next to him. As she grabbed for the chair, Eva cleared her throat loudly.
    “Rasha, if you attended the classes on a consistent basis you would know a thing or two about manners,” Eva chastised.
    “I have the manners of a warrior.”
    “Exactly,” Eva said.
    “I don’t see anything wrong with that,” he said as he stood and pulled out Jess’ chair.
    Jess stopped him. “Um, do you think I can sit next to Eva? I have some questions for her.”
    Rasha indicated for her to sit in the chair he held out for her. “There will be plenty of time for Eva to answer any questions you might have—later.”
    “Jess, the seat next to Eva is reserved for Taio, whether or not he is on Sonis. The seat next to him is for Mazel. So unless you wish to sit on Mazel’s lap…”
    She bit her lower lip. She wouldn’t be able to have a private conversation with Eva right now. “Okay.” She made a mental note to ask Eva about the pheromones later, when they were alone. She took the seat and held on to the sides as he pushed her to the table. The chair legs screeched across the floor.
    “Thank you.”
    He sat and immediately opened her napkin and spread it over her seat.
    “Classes?” Jess asked.
    “Eva and some of the other humans are holding classes on how to woo human females. There is a lot to learn about your species. I admit it all seems very complicated.”
    Right, wooing women.
    Every woman on Sonis was a potential baby mama.
    Except for me.
    She hadn’t been brought here for that possibility anyway. Mate? Kids? Hell no.
    It didn’t bother her at all. She was here to do a job. Start a new life. Try to find some sense of normalcy.
    Jess didn’t really pay attention as food was passed around and conversation went on without her. Everyone seemed interested in Saia’s upcoming engagement party and her bonding to an infamous warlord.
    As they talked, she shifted her food around her plate, picking up bits and pieces of their animated conversation. From what she could gather, no

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